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>JN Jan. 27, 1997, Vol. 5, Number 17

Israeli Cure for Psoriasis

Hebrew University and Hadassah Medical Center scientists have produced a new medication against the skin disease psoriasis, and has been submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for approval, before being clinically tested on humans. The medication contains synthetic materials which have been effective against psoriasis cells, and in some cases also against cancer cells.

Arafat Says Charter Won't be Amended

Over the weekend, Yasir Arafat was quoted in Paris as saying that the Palestinians do not intend to amend the PLO charter as long as Israel does not adopt a constitution.

"We have already canceled the articles that were in contradiction to the Oslo agreements. We have fulfilled our commitments. The Israelis want us to adopt a new charter. As far as I know, the Israelis do not have a constitution. When they will have one, we will do the same."

Arutz-7 Radio notes that the late Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin made the entire peace process contingent upon the formal changing of the charter. The Israel Government Press Office Sunday released a statement elaborating on the violation by the Palestinians that fails to nullify their charter, which calls for Israel's destruction.

Arafat's helicopter flew Sunday, for the first time, in Israeli air-space without Israel Air Force accompaniment. Arafat flew over the greater Tel Aviv area on his way from the West Bank to Gaza.

Arafat said last week in Cairo that a Palestinian state would be established at the appropriate time after Israel finishes its redeployment from Judea and Samaria, during the second half of 1998.

"The establishment of a Palestinian state is a Palestinian, Arab and international decision -- not an Israeli decision."

Israel Radio reports Saeb Erekat, head of the Palestinian negotiating team, as saying, "I am sure that before the end of the century there will be a Palestine next to Israel." When asked, "With Jerusalem as its capital?" Erekat replied, "That's right."

Bibi: Jerusalem is Not Negotiable

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview with the French daily Le Figaro that he will never negotiate with the Palestinian Authority on the status of Jerusalem. "Jerusalem will never be negotiated. One should know this definitely."

He said that Jerusalem will remain the one and whole capital of the State of Israel "eternally."

"There will never be any redeployment [of the IDF] in Jerusalem. In the same way one will not build a wall [dividing] Jerusalem. And on this point, there is a consensus in Israel and in the whole Jewish community in the Diaspora," said the prime minister.

Natan Sharansky Returns to Russia

By Al Pessin (VOA-Jerusalem)

Former Soviet dissident Natan Sharansky, who is now Israel's Minister of Trade and Industry, is making his first visit to his homeland since he was allowed to emigrate as part of an East-West prisoner exchange in 1986.

Sharansky says he is returning to Russia with a feeling of victory and a hope for a new relationship. The former dissident spent nine years in Soviet prisons on charges of spying for the United States, and became one of the Soviet Union's most famous dissidents.

Since his release, he has lived in Israel, and last year he formed a political party of mainly new immigrants which won a surprising seven seats in the 120-member parliament. He joined the coalition of the new prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and is making his return to Russia on an official mission as Minister of Trade and Industry.

One of his political party's main goals is to attract more Jewish immigrants for Israel from the former Soviet republics. The party also controls Israel's Ministry of Immigration.

Sharansky says he plans to visit his former prison in Russia, buoyed by his view that, in his words -- I won, and they lost, and lost big.

Saddam Hides Biological Weapons

A German newspaper reports Iraq may be hiding biological weapons inside underground vaults in the Iraqi desert. After losing the 1991 Gulf War, Iraq was supposed to dismantle all weapons of mass destruction, under the terms of a treaty.

The Frankfurt newspaper that reported the story said that Saddam's forces have apparently hidden warheads that are filled with the toxic substance known as aflatoxin. Aflatoxin can cause long-term sickness and cancer. The newspaper cited information from United Nations inspectors' reports.

French Admit Holding 1,963 Stolen Jewish Paintings

France's state comptroller's office has determined that the Louvre Museum and the D'Orsay Museum are illegally holding 1,963 works of art looted from the Jews during World War 2.

According to the comptroller, the Louvre has 1,878 works of art looted from the Jews and another 85 works are at the D'Orsay Museum. All of the works were looted from the Jews by the Germans and the pro-Nazi Vichy regime. The works were transferred to the museums after German officials took hundreds of choice pieces for themselves.

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