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>Israel Faxx
>PD Dec. 12, 1996, Vol. 4, No. 225

Israeli is World's Under-20 Chess Champ

Emil Sotovsky, 19, from Holon, recently won the title of World Chess Champion for Young People under 20, in the tournament held at Medellin in Colombia. Previously, adult world champions Gary Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov had won this prestigious title. It was the first time an Israeli has won it. Sotovsky immigrated to Israel five years ago and has the rank of International Master in chess.

Two Israelis Slaughtered in Ramallah

By Al Pessin (VOA-Jerusalem) and Arutz-7 Staff

Israeli troops and police have sealed off the West Bank town of Ramallah and are working with Palestinian police to find attackers in a drive-by shooting Wednesday evening. An Israeli boy and his mother were killed near the Palestinian-controlled town.

There were apparently three terrorists in the car, who sped away into the area of the Palestinian Autonomy in Ramallah. A 12-year-old child was killed immediately, and six other family members were wounded. The mother was wounded by three bullets: one in the chest, and two in the stomach. She later died on the operating table in Hadassah Ein-Kerem hospital. A 13-year-old daughter is in moderate-severe condition with bullet fragments in her neck. The other three or four children sustained light to moderate wounds: one with bullet fragments in the back and the others with bullet fragments in their arms and legs.

The father, who was driving, is one of the managers of Arutz Sheva Israel Public Radio; his car is equipped with a two-way radio to the station's ship.

Broadcaster Moshe Shultz told this reporter as follows: "I suddenly heard over the two-way radio a woman shouting, 'We're being shot at.' She repeated her call, this time addressing it specifically to me, the broadcaster in the ship. Upon hearing the details, I stopped the broadcast, opened the radio microphone, and told the national audience, 'There was a shooting on the Bet-El - Dolev road, just before the entrance to Bet-El. Anyone who can reach the site to help is called upon to do so.' I then notified the police. I knew that the listeners in the immediate area would reach the site before the security forces."

Although the IDF is allowed to carry out "hot pursuit" into the autonomous areas in case of a terrorist attack, in practice it does not do so. In this case, the IDF, in coordination with the Palestinians, has entered Ramallah; Maj. Gen. Uzi Dayan said that the army will check reports of a burning car matching the description of that of the murderers.

A senior Israeli army officer says the Palestinian police found a vehicle matching the description of the car used by the attackers who fled toward Ramallah after the shooting.

The investigators are looking for three men who fired automatic weapons at the Israeli car on a road frequented by Israeli settlers.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered Ramallah sealed off and said Israel will not tolerate a situation in which the Palestinian Autonomy Authority gives refuge to people who attack Israelis. Shortly after the shooting, Netanyahu discussed new security measures with his defense minister, and sent a toughly-worded message to the Palestinian leader, Yasir Arafat.

Arafat's Autonomy Authority controls Gaza and six West Bank cities, including Ramallah, but Israel controls the surrounding areas. The shooting was on one of a new network of bypass roads Israel has built to enable settlers to drive around the Palestinian cities.

The Israeli-Palestinian peace agreements require the Palestinian Authority to extradite people accused of crimes in Israel. But the authority has refused such Israeli requests in the past, preferring to punish such criminals itself.

Palestinian officials have warned that Israeli plans to build housing for Jews in an Arab neighborhood of east Jerusalem could lead to an explosion of Palestinian anger.

Israel's opening of an archeological tunnel in east Jerusalem's Old City sparked riots in the West Bank and Gaza in September. In addition, this week Palestinians are marking the ninth anniversary of the start of the uprising known as the "Intifada," and the first anniversary of the killing, widely blamed on Israel, of the famed Palestinian bomb maker known as "the Engineer."

There have been few Palestinian attacks on Israelis since the bus bombings in February and March. Militant groups say they have been handicapped by a joint Israeli-Palestinian crackdown and also have been discouraged from launching attacks by a desire among many Palestinians for a period of quiet. Palestinians tell pollsters that at least for now they do not want anything to further disrupt the Palestinian economy or the negotiations on the long-delayed Israeli withdrawal from Hebron -- the last Palestinian city still under Israeli occupation.

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