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>Israel Faxx
>PD Dec. 9, 1996, Vol. 4, No. 222

Senator Charges Swiss Flew Nazis to Safety

Swissair and KLM flew Nazis to safety in South America after World War II, and Swiss officials provided false travel documents, said Sen. Alfonse D'Amato. He attacked Switzerland over its dealings with Nazi Germany and said the new charges were based on papers discovered in the U.S. Archives. The World Jewish Congress has charged the German army high command deposited 1 million Swiss francs in a Swiss bank in 1942, and it was withdrawn two years later by a Swiss citizen.

Arafat Predicts War May Erupt

By Jessica Jones (VOA-Cairo)

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is meeting with Arab and European leaders to push forward the stalled Middle East peace process. The high-level meetings are an effort to resolve the issue of withdrawing Israeli troops from Hebron.

Two European leaders -- Polish Prime Minister Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz and the European Union's Middle East envoy, Miguel Moratinos -- met with Mubarak Sunday. Both are focusing on the stalled Middle East peace process -- and searching for ways to help revive it.

Their visits come one day after Palestinian Leader Yasir Arafat's stop in Cairo. Talks between Arafat and the Egyptian president were private. But the Arabic Al-Hayat newspaper quoted Arafat as saying the peace process is in real danger. Failing to restart it, he said, could lead to more conflict in the region.

Israel Prepared for Golan Attack

The Israel Defense Force is prepared to turn back any attack by Syria, even a surprise attack aimed at grabbing a small piece of the Golan Heights, Israeli officials said.

Israeli planners have taken into account the possibility that President Hafez al Assad will launch a small-scale military option aimed at a sensitive strategic target such as Mount Hermon, which overlooks all of northern Israel, the officials said.

One official speaking on condition of anonymity conceded the Syrians might be able to establish a beachhead in the Golan Heights but said Syrian forces would be driven out in a day or two at most. The comments came after a Time magazine report that Israel's army had begun preparations for a possible Syrian military attack on the Golan Heights and that senior Israeli officers were concerned their troops might not be ready for war.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters in Lisbon last week that there were pronounced indications of a relaxation of tensions with Syria on the Golan Heights, Ha'Aretz reported.

Ha'Aretz reports Netanyahu believes the primary threat to Israel in the coming years is the massive arming of the Arab armies and Iran in surface to surface missiles which can hit Israeli population centers and interfere with the deployment of the IDF in the case of war. He is particularly concerned that Iran will get nuclear arms as this would change the balance of power in the regime. He believes that Iranian nuclear weapons could serve as a "deterrent umbrella" for a conventional Arab attack against Israel by countering Israel's nuclear option.

Rewriting the History of Jerusalem

[Ed: The following is an excerpt from "Jerusalem, A City Crying Out For Justice" researched and prepared by Walid Awad, director of foreign publications, Palestine Ministry of Information, as it appears on the Palestinian Authority's official WEB site.]

"Any reading of the history of Jerusalem shows that the city took the bulk of its shape, its divine character and historical ambiance since the Muslim Caomar Ibn Al Kattab took Jerusalem without bloodshed in 639 AD. 300 years before that, the city was under the uninterrupted hegemony of Romans converted to Christianity in 313 AD. Under the Omayyad Caliphs (660-750) Jerusalem flourished, and from this period important buildings survive: Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock above all...

"Immediately after Israeli soldiers occupied Arab East Jerusalem back in 1967, the Hebrew University, the Israeli Ministry of Religious Affairs, and the Department of Antiquities collectively and individually began a massive excavation campaign in Arab East Jerusalem in a bid to find and locate traces of Jewish existence from the so called 'Temple Mount Era.'

"The fact of the matter is that almost 30 years of excavations did not reveal anything Jewish, no tangible evidence of theirs was unearthed. Much to their chagrin, what surfaced from their underground excavations turned out to be more Muslim palaces, courts and mosques. Other excavations revealed archeological ruins belonging to the Romans, Greeks and Canaanites...

"Jerusalem is not a Jewish city, despite the biblical myth implanted in some minds. Nothing tangible has been found to give credibility to these claims."

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