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>Israel Faxx
>PD Oct. 28, 1996 V4, #196

Netanyahu's Brother-in-law Moving to Hebron

By Arutz-7

The brother-in-law of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Haggi Ben-Artzi, says he and his family will move to Hebron this week.

Maariv reported Sunday that Ben-Artzi said that he regrets campaigning for Netanyahu in the last election and described the Hebron agreement as "a total collapse of the obligations of Bibi and the Likud to the voter, and an unprecedented, outrageous act.

"I am convinced that Bibi continues to believe in the positions he set forth prior to the elections. However, the question is whether he has the strength to advance Israeli interests against the tremendous internal and international pressures being exerted upon him.

"Bibi must understand that I personally, along with a large portion of the public, stuck with him through 'fire and water' in the belief that he would lead to the realization of the Jewish and Zionist agenda in Israel, and first and foremost in Hebron. We all hope that Bibi and the government will wake up and begin to tell Arafat certain things which must be said...

"Bibi must clarify to Arafat that until a major and dramatic change occurs amongst the Palestinians, we cannot move a single soldier from any outpost in the country, and certainly not in Hebron."

Arutz-7 Associate News Editor, Yehoshua Mor-Yosef, said to Ben-Artzi, "You are aware that if the prime minister opts not to redeploy in Hebron, we are liable to face a war with Arafat."

Ben-Artzi: "This reminds me of the famous words that Churchill said to Chamberlain. When Chamberlain returned from Munich and said, "Peace in our time," Churchill told him that whoever is afraid of war, will get not only war but also disgrace. I am afraid that this may happen to us. We must make it crystal clear to the Arabs that there are certain positions from which we will not budge. The Cave of the Patriarchs and the Matriarchs and Hebron represent our roots. We will never abandon them. If in the wake of the Palestinian police shootings last month, we must revamp the entire agreement, we shall do so, and no threats of war will change our position."

Law Professor Finds Justification for Assassination

By Arutz-7

Professor Chaim Ganz, of the Tel-Aviv University Department of Law has justified the murder of an Israeli prime minister.

"There are certain circumstances under which we could justify such a murder," he said, in a lecture to his students, "such as if the prime minister were to make concentration camps for Palestinians."

Students present at Ganz's lecture said that it was clear that he was referring to a right-wing prime minister. Ganz has refused to comment on this report, first published Sunday in Maariv.

Iran Producing Nerve Gas

The following article appeared in the October 19, 1996 edition of the Jordanian publication Al Hayat.

"Western intelligence reports note that Iran will succeed within one year to manufacture catastrophic nerve gas. If Iran produces such gas, the Gulf States will be in danger and this will threaten the stability of the Middle East.

"Knowledgeable sources advise that Western intelligence is concerned so much by the new information that they have asked for a serious investigation to be launched in order to determine the importance of the news.

"The sources point out that in the course of the last years Iran has invested efforts in order to independently manufacture weapons of mass destruction. The Iranian activities, which the president of Iran, Rafsanjani, personally oversees, are advancing in three areas: nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

"The Iranians have invested up until now several hundreds of millions of dollars in these projects. Much money was devoted to the purchase of new technology from the countries of the world in addition to the productive use of the services of international experts.

"The intelligence reports note that Iran needs several years in order to produce nuclear weapons. Iran now is at the advance stages, and has almost succeeded in independently producing 'Sarin' nerve gas.

"[Sarin, developed by the Nazis in the Second World War, is nerve poisoning gas of organic phosphorus compound. Pure Sarin is colorless and odorless and is described as 500 times as toxic as potassium cyanide. Iraqi troops were reported to have used it during the Iran-Iraqi War (1980-1988) to suppress Kurdish rebels. As it can be comparatively easily produced considering the deadly affect, the gas is known as the "poor's nuclear weapon."]

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