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Publisher\Editor Don Canaan

                      Oct. 22, 1996 V4, #192
All the News the Big Guys Missed

Students to Pick and Pack

Deputy Education Minister Moshe Peled has initiated a program under which students will be employed in place of foreign workers. The citrus growers in Gush Katif will be able to avail themselves of the services of 9th, 10th, and 11th graders, who will each work in picking and packing the fruits six to 10 days a year. The program is part of an effort to solve the worsening problem of foreign workers in Israel.

Ross Returns to USA

By Al Pessin (VOA-Jerusalem)

The senior US Middle East mediator, Dennis Ross, left the region Monday night after two weeks of trying to forge the first agreement between the Palestinians and the new Israeli government. Ross says the talks will continue, and he might return later, but he believes a long-term perspective is needed.

President Clinton sent Ross to the region in an effort to gain a quick agreement, and the long-delayed Israeli withdrawal from Hebron. The goal was to forestall further violence by Palestinians frustrated by the new Israeli government's go-slow approach to the peace process.

Ross said although there is still no agreement, his mediation helped the new government and the Palestinians achieve important first steps.

"If you go back a couple of weeks ago before the Washington summit that President Clinton called, what you had was a cycle of violence, a crisis in confidence between the parties, the inability to talk to each other, a mounting sense of mutual grievance. And what you have today, is a very serious negotiation under way, the atmosphere in which these talks have been conducted has been a positive one, the sense of engagement is a thorough one. And we're really dealing with a rather different world than the world that we faced a couple of weeks ago."

Ross says there are understandings on several points, which he
would  not  specify.  But he says there is  no  agreement until
there is full agreement.

The talks were focused on security arrangements for Israel's withdrawal from Hebron -- a subject on which Ross says there was more progress than on related issues, such as exactly what powers each side will exercise in what parts of the city after the troops move.

Ross says he will consult with Secretary of State Warren Christopher in Washington, and will return to the Middle East at what he called an "appropriate" time.

Electrical Instrument Reduces Birth Labor Pains

A new, compact, Israeli-designed electrical instrument, now being marketed, is designed, at least among some mothers, to eliminate birth labor pains. It is called "Free Mom" and made by Titan Electronics, and works by using electrodes attached to the mother's back which send gentle electric pulses through the skin. They reach the focus of the labor pains and the nerve fibers leading to the spinal cord, and to the brain. It is priced at $150.

85% of Palestinians Willing to Fight Israel

A survey carried out by the Palestinian Authority Office of General Information found that 85% of those polled are willing to take up arms and participate in clashes with Israeli forces if they are asked to do so. The survey, which polled 1618 Palestinians, further found that 82% are prepared to bear the outcome of violent clashes with Israel, even if it means economic damage and increased security tensions. 93% believed that the Palestinian response to the opening of the Hasmonean Tunnel was legitimate.

Death Threats Via Internet

Israeli security officials have announced that intelligence information points to an increased number of planned attacks against Israeli targets. Threats and information pointing to attacks have been received via the Internet according to intelligence officials.

They explained that Hamas-affiliated terrorists in the United States have been sending information via the electronic superhighway.

Iran Poses Real Threat

According to Western experts, Iran will have the capability to manufacture advanced chemical weapons within one year. The report, released by the Sunday Telegraph newspaper, stated that assessments of the situation in the Middle East, particularly the Gulf States, indicate that Iran is moving ahead very quickly regarding the manufacture of the deadly chemical warfare.

Over the past six years, Iran has worked diligently to acquire weapons of mass destruction, including biological, nuclear, and chemical weaponry. The Telegraph, stated that about 4,000 persons are employed full time on the development of these weapons. Although the nuclear capabilities of Iran are still limited, the chemical weapons are close to complete. The chemical plant is located in Teheran. The plant has external markings indicating it is a pharmaceutical firm.

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