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Publisher\Editor Don Canaan

                       Aug. 23, 1996 V4, #156
All the News the Big Guys Missed

Arafat on the way out?

By Arutz-7 Radio

Senior military sources have said that Arafat is close to being deposed as the chairman of the Palestinian Authority. It is said that chances are slim that the coup can be avoided, and that what remains to be done is merely to ensure that the blame does not fall upon Israel. This is the reason that the Hebron redeployment issue has recently been given high priority.

According to the sources, if Arafat is deposed, Israel will not consider itself bound to carry out any additional withdrawals outlined in the Oslo II agreements. Informed observers told Arutz-7 that Arafat himself could be the source of the rumors of an impending overthrow, in an effort to squeeze further concessions from Israel.

On the other hand, the observers said that it could very well be that in the eyes of his constituents, Arafat has fulfilled his historical mission, but now has nothing more to offer; he established the Palestinian Authority, but has failed to run it efficiently and successfully.

Syrian Troop Movements Reported Near the Golan

By Al Pessin (VOA-Jerusalem)

Syria has rejected Israel's offer of negotiations without pre-conditions, first made last month and conveyed again Wednesday through the United States. Syria's official press says the Israeli offer amounts to abandoning accepted principles for the peace process, an apparent reference to the concept of "land for peace," which Israel's new right-wing government does not accept.

An Israeli newspaper reports there have been unusual Syrian troop movements in southern Lebanon and near the Golan Heights.

Syrian newspapers say Israel's offer changes the basis of the talks, and therefore is itself an unacceptable pre-condition. The editorials say Syria is willing to resume talks at the point where they were suspended in February.

On Wednesday, Israel's Foreign Minister David Levy asked the US Ambassador to Israel to convey the offer of renewed talks to Syria. The offer was part of a message intended to ease tensions which have built up between Israel and Syria during the last few days.

The tension has been reflected in comments by Israeli officials, editorials in the Syrian press and missile tests by both sides.

U.S. Nazi Publisher Sentenced in Germany

By Dagmar Breitenbach (VOA-Bonn)

A German court has convicted an American neo-Nazi for inciting racial hatred by distributing anti-Semitic and rightist publications and paraphernalia in Germany. A Hamburg court sentenced the American neo-Nazi, Gary Lauck, to four years in prison.

Before being led from the courtroom back to jail, Lauck -- who never spoke in his own defense during the three-month trial -- yelled "the fight will go on." However, it was not immediately clear if the admitted admirer of Adolf Hitler would appeal the verdict.

The prosecution originally sought a five-year prison term, and the defense requested an acquittal, arguing Lauck broke no laws in the United States -- where the 43-year-old legally printed the publications.

Prosecutor Bernd Mauruschat says the court was well-aware of the conflict between Freedom of Speech in the United States on one hand, and Lauck's actions that are illegal in Germany on the other hand.

Mauruschat says that while the defendant produced his material legally in the United States, it was aimed for Germany. Lauck's propaganda was active here in Germany, the prosecutor says, and that gave German authorities a scene of crime in Germany, and the possibility to apply German criminal law.

Prosecutors say that for two decades, Lauck was a major supplier of brochures, Nazi and neo-Nazi stickers, banners, and signs for the extreme right in Germany. They say he mailed up to 2,500 copies of his newsletters to Europe every two months. Pro-Hitler, and anti-Jewish publications are illegal in Germany.

At an early age, Lauck became fascinated with Hitler -- whom he has called the greatest man who ever lived -- and the Nazi era. Lauck heads the "National Socialist German Workers' Party Foreign Organization," which he founded in the early 1970s. The name of the organization -- banned in Germany -- is derived from the full title of Hitler's Nazi party.

According to German security experts, Lauck and his US based party played a decisive role in promoting propaganda for German neo-Nazi groups.

Lauck was arrested on an international warrant -- and later extradited to Germany -- when he attended a neo-Nazi convention in Denmark last year.

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