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Pollard ends hunger strike

Esther Pollard, Israeli wife of Jonathan Pollard, has ended her 19-day hunger strike in response to requests from Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the former Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu. Netanyahu promised in a meeting with Pollard that his government would do all that is within its power to achieve Jonathan Pollard's release from his American prison as soon as possible.

Violent Bread Riots Engulf Much of Jordan

By Al Pessin (VOA-Aqaba, Jordan)

Jordanians in several cities, including the capital, Amman, held sometimes-violent demonstrations during the weekend to protest the more than doubling of bread prices by the government. The country's government is blaming foreign instigators, but Jordanians say the rare display of violence reflects mounting frustration over Jordan's slow-moving economy.

The protesters stoned vehicles, clashed with police and burned government buildings, drawing a televised threat from King Hussein to deal with those who commit such violence with "an iron fist."

The king and government officials blamed the rioting on unnamed foreign elements, and indicated privately they were talking about Iraq. But several Jordanians interviewed Saturday and Sunday pointed to other factors. The Jordanians say that while the few thousand people who rioted might be from political fringe groups, many Jordanians share their frustrations over economic issues.

A pound of bread used to cost the equivalent of 5.5 cents. Since last Tuesday the price has been about 13.6 cents. One customer, who would identify himself only as Issa, said many people are angry.

The government says the move was necessary to convince the International Monetary Fund to grant Jordan additional loans and to stop the abuse of direct bread subsidies to farmers. Cheap Jordanian bread had created an underworld of bread smuggling, and the illegal import of livestock into Jordan to be fed. The government also says it is compensating Jordanians for the bread price increase by giving an individual subsidy of about $20 a year. But some Jordanians say that is not enough, particularly for poor people with large families.

Some Jordanian analysts say frustration has been increased by the lack of a strong economic boost in the two years since Jordan signed a peace agreement with Israel.

But all the Jordanians interviewed during several hours Sunday, who admitted to being angry about the price increase, also denounced the violence by the demonstrators in Amman, Karak and other cities.

The largest party in Jordan's parliament, the Islamic Action Front, has called for the resignation of Prime Minister Abdul-Karim Kabariti. But officials say they will stick by their policy and King Hussein told the nation that while he does not blame the Islamic Action Front for the weekend's violence, he will strike against anyone who, in his words, "threatens security or plants sedition."

Judaism on the Internet

Chabad of Southern Ohio has announced "The Shul" on their World Wide Web Site. At the Chabad of Southern Ohio Home Page (http://, one can access a wide variety of information on Judaism. The web site includes a listing of the Chabad Centers in the Cincinnati area, times and locations of events, and a listing of programs and services offered by Chabad. One can instantly find candle lighting times with the blessings to be recited before the Shabbat and holidays, as well as further laws and traditions. There is a section devoted to the Mezuzah, and a dedicated kosher page.

Chabad-Lubavitch in Cyberspace maintains an active Listserv, FTP and gopher, as well as a section devoted to any questions one might have on Judaism. There are links to an English translation of the Tanya, a five- volume seminal work in Hebrew of Chassidic philosophy, as well as to a daily study guide of Maimonidies Halachic works.

Browsers can find lighter fare as well: a colorful gallery of art by Chassidic artists; religious melodies and links to a site with recipes for kosher versions of such Asian fare as Mu Shu chicken and Tandoori dishes.

Chabad is an acronym for Hebrew words Chachmah, Binah, and Daath, (Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge).

Three-Dimensional Mapping

The Weizmann Institute of Science has developed a new, sophisticated, three-dimensional mapping technique, especially important for space satellites, and has applied for a world patent. Drs. Daniel Zeifman and Oded Haber of the Department of Molecular Physics at the Institute invented the instrument.

A computer combined with two ordinary video cameras photographs the object through a fluorescent screen, attaining a three-dimensional result. The technique is applicable to space satellites and aerial photography.

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