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Publisher\Editor Don Canaan

                       Aug. 12, 1996 V4, #147
All the News the Big Guys Missed

Israel in Uproar as Teenage Girls Call Amir "Cute"

Three teenaged girls who revealed a secret infatuation with assassin Yigal Amir have placed the Religious Zionist educational system again under fire. An interview with the girls was broadcast on national television, in which they said that they admire Yigal Amir. "I love him; he's attractive, and has a cute smile," said one.

Across-the-board condemnations of the remarks, and, to some extent, of the school system and environment in which they live and study, have been aired radio and television. Kiryat Gat Mayor Ze'ev Boim said that an investigation would be made into the school at which the girls study.

Mrs. Leah Rabin said, "I have said all along that behind the murderer stands an entire community that supports him."

When questioned Sunday by a reporter, one of the Kiryat Gat girls clarified that her admiration of Amir was not connected with the murder. "He's very cute, and he's famous. But if I feel this way, it has nothing to do with my education - didn't you hear about the secular high school girls who faxed the radio talk show today, saying how cute they think he is?"

Arab Leaders Unifying Against Israel

By Laurie Kassman (VOA-Cairo)

Palestinian Authority leader Yasir Arafat met with President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo Saturday for consultations about the peace process. Arafat is also meeting with the leadership committee of his Fatah faction of the PLO.

Arafat has been frustrated by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's reluctance to implement the self-rule deal signed by the previous government. He briefed Mubarak on the situation in Gaza and the West Bank.

The meeting is the latest in a round of consultations between Arab leaders since the hardline prime minister was elected in Israel. Mubarak met last Wednesday with Syrian leader Hafez al Assad.

After their talks, Assad publicly rejected Israel's new offer to resume negotiations by dealing first with the security issues in southern lebanon. A day after the Assad-Mubarak summit, the Egyptian leader made a surprise visit to Saudi Arabia.

Arab leaders remain concerned that Israel now opposes continuing peace talks on the basis of land for peace.

60-Year-Old Sacrifices Life to Save Children

Yosef Yeshayahu, a resident of the Ramot Jerusalem neighborhood, was buried after being mortally wounded in the course of saving youngsters from near death.

Last Thursday, when Yeshayahu spotted a parked minibus which began rolling towards a group of small children playing on the sidewalk, he ran and quickly turned the steering wheel to change the course of the vehicle. He subsequently sustained critical wounds when he was thrown with great force to the street. Police have opened an investigation against the minibus driver.

Navy Commissions Muslim Chaplain

By Akmal Aleemi (VOA-Washington)

The American Muslim Council, a Washington-based lobby group, has celebrated the commissioning of the Navy's first Muslim chaplain (imam). Military chaplains of other faiths, senior officers from the armed services and leaders of the Muslim community were on hand last week to greet Lt. Monje abd el-Muta' Ali Noel Jr., whose commissioning at a Pentagon ceremony was presided over by Secretary of the Navy John Dalton.

Noel, a native of Salem, N.J., has served the Navy for nearly 16 years. He sought a position as chaplain after receiving a Master of Divinity degree at the Lutheran School of Theology and the American Islamic College in Chicago. Military chaplains offer religious services and counseling to men and women of all religions in uniform.

Noel becomes the second Muslim chaplain in the armed services. Capt. Abdul Rashid Muhammad became an Army imam in 1993. AMC Executive Director Abdurahman Alamoudi said he hopes to see Muslim chaplains in the US Air Force. Qaseem ali Uqdah of the AMC says the number of Muslims serving in the armed forces has risen to more than 10,000 and it is growing at a fast pace as the Muslim population in the country grows.

The Navy's new chaplain says he is apprehensive, yet confident. "Here I am standing on the threshold of something new. I am not really afraid. Although I will be untruthful with you and lying to myself if I said I am not apprehensive. But I am coming into a corps, a team, that has a proven track record -- the team of winners, team committed to service. And so I am simply a part of the team ... A new player. I have been drafted by the best. So I feel comfortable with that."

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