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Publisher\Editor Don Canaan

                       Aug. 9, 1996 V4, #146
All the News the Big Guys Missed

Mubarak Consulting Arab Leaders

By Laurie Kassman (VOA-Cairo)

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak traveled to Jeddah Thursday for consultations with Saudi leaders, one day after meeting with Syrian President Hafez al Assad. The consultations among Arab leaders comes after Israel's prime minister offered to resume peace talks with Syria, starting first with the issue of southern Lebanon. Syria and Lebanon both have rejected the "Lebanon First" proposal.

The new round of consultations coincide with Assad's first public response to Israel's offer to resume peace talks, starting with southern Lebanon. Assad's response was simple -- Syria and Lebanon, first and together. The Syrian leader said he is in no rush to resume talks and will wait until conditions are right.

Thursday, Israeli warplanes bombarded suspected Hizbullah positions in southern Lebanon. The pro-Iranian militants are waging battle there against Israeli military occupation. The attack took place just hours before the first meeting of a multi-national monitoring committee, which was set up to supervise the April cease-fire in southern Lebanon.

Jordan's King Hussein and Palestinian Leader Yasir Arafat went to Damascus for reconciliation talks. Mubarak and King Hussein consulted with Syria's leader before and after their official meetings with the Israeli prime minister. Arafat is due in Cairo for briefings this weekend.

Passenger on Hijacked 1970 TWA Flight Speaks Out

A group of Israelis and Jews hijacked to Jordan 26 years ago returned from Jordan after touring the country as Jordan's official guests. The hijacking of the TWA airliner led to the outbreak of a civil war in which King Hussein expelled the PLO from Jordan. Arutz-7 Chief News Editor Haggai Segal interviewed one of the passengers of the plane, David Raab:

"My mother, three brothers, sister and myself had completed a trip to Israel and were on our way back to the U.S. After take-off from Frankfurt, two terrorists ran forward to the cockpit, and we felt the plane turning around and heading south instead of west. We landed in the middle of a desert in Jordan and remained there a week, along with two other planes which were hijacked shortly thereafter.

"My family was held one week, but I was held for longer. We were hijacked on Sunday, and my family was released on Saturday. I was taken from the plane Thursday evening, and held in a refugee camp for five days. I was then transferred along with 31 others to an apartment within Amman, where we stayed for a week and a half, while the civil war was raging outside.

"Nasser, then president of Egypt, arranged a cease-fire, and one of the conditions of the cease-fire was that we would be freed. We were freed, and right after that King Hussein resumed the war against the PLO, and expelled them from Jordan."

Ekron of the Philistines Identified as Tel Makneh

For the first time, an inscribed stone tablet dating back to the seventh century before the Common Era has served to identify with certainty the site of Tel Makneh, near Gedera in southwest Israel, as the site of the Philistine city of Ekron.

A team of the Allbright Institute for Archeological Research found the tablet, which weighs more than 220 pounds. The team was led by Professor Trudy Dotan and Prof. Seymour Gittin.

The site included ruins of a temple that was part of a monumental palace. The entire town was burned to the ground in the year 603 before the Common Era by the army of Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon. The stone tablet contains five lines of Phoenician writing, and mentions the name Ekron and King Achish and his father, King Padi. Achish built the temple in honor of an unidentified goddess.

Fighting Air Pollution

New standards and legislation are being prepared to reduce various types of air pollution, by the Environment Ministry of Israel. They cover organic and inorganic materials. The Shmuel Ne'eman Advanced Research Institute at the Haifa Technion sponsored a conference under the Ministry's auspices and the Israeli Association for Environmental Sciences, where it was announced that more than 100 types of inorganic material are involved, causing smog and having harmful effects. The details of the proposed legislation and measuring techniques were disclosed at the conference.

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