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Publisher\Editor Don Canaan

                       July 29, 1996 V4, #137
All the News the Big Guys Missed

Pollard's Mother Begins Hunger Strike

By David Borgida (VOA-White House & Arutz-7 Radio)

Esther Pollard, mother of convicted U.S. spy Jonathan Pollard, has begun a hunger strike in downtown Jerusalem following President Clinton's decision not to pardon her son, Jonathan. She also criticized Prime Minister Netanyahu for what she called, "attempts to distance himself from the campaign to bring to the release" of her son from prison.

A spokesman for Netanyahu responded by saying the prime minister was active in attempts to bring to the release of Pollard even when he was in the opposition, and that he brought up the issue in his recent discussions with Clinton.

In a statement following Friday's announcement that Clinton had turned down a request for clemency for Pollard, Rabbi Avi Weiss, National President of the Coalition for Jewish Concerns--AMCHA, and Pollard's personal rabbi, said, "We are deeply distressed by President Clinton's decision. Pollard violated the law, but the excessiveness of the sentence -- he's now in the 11th year of a life term -- is a perversion of American justice. It is unconscionable that those who have committed similar crimes -- most recently Navy lieutenant Michael Schwartz who spied for the Saudis and was not even brought to trial -- have been sentenced to far shorter terms. Pollard is now in prison more than twice as long as anyone who has committed a comparable wrong."

Clinton, for the second time in his presidency, denied clemency for Pollard. The former civilian Navy intelligence analyst received a life sentence after being convicted of espionage in 1986. He admitted passing US documents to Israel that contained information about its Arab neighbors.

President Bush denied Pollard clemency in 1993 and Clinton did so in 1994.

Friday, Clinton spokesman Mike McCurry announced that despite appeals from Israel, the president decided to agree with top US law enforcement officials and reject the clemency appeal again.

"The president agreed with Attorney General Reno's judgement that the enormity of Mr. Pollard's offenses, his lack of remorse, the damage done to our national security, the need for general deterrence, and the continuing threat to national security that he posed made the original life sentence imposed by the court warranted."
Pollard was arrested outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington in 1985 and convicted of espionage a year later. He was granted Israeli citizenship this year.

Mubarak Arrives This Week in the U.S.

By John Pitman (VOA-Washington)

As US diplomats resumed their shuttle diplomacy in the Middle East, the Egyptian foreign minister has been in Washington to restate the Arab World's position on the peace process. Amr Moussa told reporters the Arab world is determined to close what he called "a long chapter of animosity" with Israel -- but will not settle for an unfair agreement.

Moussa said there is a feeling in the region that peace between Israel and all its Arab neighbors is possible. But he stressed that any peace settlement must reflect the views of all sides -- and include an Israeli withdrawal from Arab land.

"There is nothing called an Israeli peace. It will never be accepted. It will never stand on its feet. Equally, there is nothing called Arab peace that will be done according to Arab measurements. It is a contract. It is a give-and-take. It is right for right. It is obligation for obligation. Commitment for commitment. Security for security. And land for peace. That is peace for peace that we understand and accept."

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is expected in the United States this week, and Moussa said the president would repeat these goals in meetings with US officials. The foreign minister said Mubarak would also discuss Egyptian concerns over water rights, Palestinian refugees and the final status of Jerusalem.

Latest Terror Attack Toll Rises to Three

By Patricia Golan (VOA-Jerusalem & Arutz-7 Radio)

In a drive-by shooting in Israel, gunmen have killed three people. In response israel has reimposed the closure on the West Bank, preventing Palestinians from entering israel.

The number of casualties in the shooting attack late Thursday night some 10 miles from Beit Shemesh rose to three after Ze'ev Munk died Sunday morning in Sheba Hospital -- his wife, Rachel, was buried Saturday night. Ze'ev Munk and his father Uri, the third victim, were buried Sunday afternoon in the cemetery of their hometown, Mevo Beitar. Police ballistics tests showed the bullets were fired from the same ammunition as that which was involved in two other similar drive-by shootings, which claimed the lives of four Jews, of the last several months.

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