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Publisher\Editor Don Canaan

                       July 2, 1996 V4, #118
All the News the Big Guys Missed

Press Rease From Silicon Valley

World Wide Web giants Yahoo and Netscape announced a surprise merger and relocation Monday. The new firm will move to Israel and call itself Net'n'Yahoo.

Woman Assaulted in Hebron

Rivka Dayan, 25, a resident of Hebron, was attacked Monday while walking on a road frequented by the city's Jewish community. Three Arab women suddenly came out of a house, and attempted to drag the woman to a side alleyway, beating her in the process. Only after she screamed for an IDF soldier's help did she manage to escape.

Hebron Jews are furious the IDF did not arrest the three attackers. The attack follows the call Sunday of PLO-aligned Fatah for a renewal of the intifada in Hebron. In a flier distributed Sunday, Fatah called for roadblocks, tire-burning, firebomb-hurling at the "occupational forces," and a "cleansing of Hebron of the Zionists."

Arutz-7 Interview With Benjamin Netanyahu

Arutz-7: Concerning your security policy, you will be embarking for your first visit as Prime Minister to the U.S. next week. Do you know whether the Americans are expecting you to continue the Oslo process in a format similar to that of the previous government, vis-a-vis Hebron?

Netanyahu: "I don't think that there is anyone in the U.S. who doesn't realize that a new government was elected, a government with a different policy. The policy is a different approach to achieving peace for the Jewish people. We believe that the previous government's peace policy led to a severe deterioration in the security situation and to a sharp increase in terrorist activity.

"We shall pursue a policy of security, which is the basis of any peace. We are ready to engage in dialogue with the Palestinians and with the Syrians; but we are not prepared to sacrifice our security interests for the sake of such negotiations. There are clear obligations to which the other side has committed itself. We expect full compliance with these obligations. We also reserve the full and indispensable right to act to protect and defend our citizens.

World Bank To Finance Israeli Power Station Invention

The World Bank has announced it intends to finance the construction of power stations in developing countries based on energy from ocean waves: this is an Israeli invention promoted by the industrialist Shmuel Ovadia of Dekko-Etz.

The power stations are planned to work on hydraulic energy, created by ocean waves operating turbines to generate electricity. One such two-megawatt unit, according to estimates submitted to the World Bank, will cost $2 million. Along a 100-meter stretch of coast, five such stations can be built, each producing four megawatts. The cost of electricity will be about one-fifth that of a kilowatt-hour charged by the Israeli Electric Corporation. Developing countries which adopt the system will get low-cost financing to build the plants.

A first, experimental station will be build in Israel, too, at Ashdod, on the south Mediterranean coast. Local investors are being sought.

New Diagnosis of Bladder Cancer Condition

An innovative way to diagnose success in bladder cancer treatment has been developed by Israeli scientists. The tests will show if there is an early need to remove the bladder thus preventing the spread of the cancer throughout the patient's body. The diagnosis also permits early preventive treatment. The disease usually affects people over 50, and is the fifth most common form of cancer, with about 1,000 cases annually in Israel. The Israeli research results were published in the medical magazines, "Lancet," and the "American Journal of Clinical Oncology," which described them as having worldwide importance.

Flying High

An elderly Jewish couple are sitting together on an airplane flying to the Far East. Over the public address system, the Captain announces:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Our engines have ceased functioning, and this plane will be going down momentarily. Luckily, I see an island below us that should be able to accommodate our landing. Unluckily, it appears to be uncharted; I am unable to find it on our maps. So the odds are that we will never be rescued and will have to live on the island for a very long time, if not for the rest of our lives."

The husband turns to his wife and asks: "Esther, did we turn off the stove?" and Esther replies, "of course."

"Esther, are our life insurance policies paid up?" "Of course."

"Esther, did we pay our UJA pledge?" "Oh my God, I forgot to send the check."

"Thank Heaven! They'll find us for sure."

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