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Publisher\Editor Don Canaan

                       March 21, 1996 V4, #53
All the News the Big Guys Missed

IDF Maj. Gen. Danny Yatom, who currently serves as the prime minister's military secretary, will become the new Mossad director in June. The publication of Yatom's name marks the first time in Israel's history that the military censor has revealed a Mossad chief's identity during his tenure. The Mossad is Israel's organization that carries out covert operations abroad.

Hizbullah Suicide Bomber kills one, wounds seven

By Al Pessin (VOA-Jerusalem)

A suicide bomber has killed an Israeli army officer and wounded seven other people in the zone Israel occupies in southern Lebanon. In recent weeks, a series of attacks by the Lebanese terrorist group Hizbullah has killed a total of six Israeli soldiers in the zone.

The Israeli army says the bomber set off his charge in the midst of a military convoy in the eastern part of the border zone Israel occupies. Hizbullah claimed the attack and said it was a response to the peace and anti-terrorism summit in Sharm al-Sheik, Egypt, last week.

The summit itself was a response to the series of suicide bombings in Israel by Palestinian militants, who, like Hizbullah, oppose the moves by moderate Palestinians and many Arab states to make peace with Israel.

Wednesday's bombing was followed by mortar attacks in several parts of the occupied zone. A soldier of the Lebanese militia allied with Israel was killed by a road-side bomb.

There has been intense speculation about a possible major Israeli retaliation for the recent attacks in Lebanon. Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres said Wednesday Israel will show restraint if Hizbullah will, but he also said that if attacked, Israel will make what he called a "fitting" response. On Tuesday, Peres said this is not a good time to strike Hizbullah, because such a move is expected and many of its leaders have fled from southern Lebanon.

White House Urges Restraint in Lebanon

By David Borgida (VOA-White House)

The Clinton administration is expressing concern about the Hizbullah attack on Israeli soldiers in south Lebanon and calling on all sides to exercise restraint. Clinton spokesman Mike McCurry says Washington is very concerned about what he called the escalation of incidents in south Lebanon. "There had been a pattern of these activities and we are obviously well aware of the concern of the Israeli government as they deal with these terrorist incidents. At the same time, we have urged the sides to exercise restraint, to see that things don't escalate further."

In an indirect reference to Syria, McCurry said the United States has called on those who are in a position to exercise influence on the parties to do so. He said there have been "a variety of discussions in a variety of channels."

McCurry called the attack another example of how enemies of peace wreak their havoc on the Middle East peace process. He said Clinton is following events carefully. Just last week, the president co-sponsored with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak an anti-terrorism summit that produced some Arab agreement on the need to fight regional terrorism.

Institute's Research Raises Issue of Jerusalem's Status

Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert said three maps prepared by a Jerusalem research institute describing options for the final status of Jerusalem had been forwarded to Minister without Portfolio Yossi Beilin, and subsequently passed on to Faisal Husseini.

Israel Radio quoted Prime Minister Shimon Peres as saying Likud is raising the issue of Jerusalem even though it knows there is no intention of dividing the city. Peres added that Olmert knows that the recent reports alleging that Jerusalem will be divided are baseless.

Ora Ahimeir, the director of the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Research, told Israel Radio that a limited number of copies of the document were also sent to senior figures in the Knesset opposition. She said media reports on the maps have only described two out of a wide variety of future options included in the institute's research on the status of Jerusalem.

Ahimeir noted that the institute has previously published a book containing overviews of 60 possible arrangements for the city of Jerusalem. She emphasized that the institute performs a broad range of research on Jerusalem.

Deep-Sea Fish Farming

Fish breeding and farming is proceeding in three deep-sea ocean cages about seven miles out at sea from the Tel Aviv shore to raise Denis fishes for the local market. The first crop of about 40 tons has already gone to market.The system is a breakthrough in terms of scope, in international terms.

The supply of fish from ponds and rivers has been declining and prices have been rising. For ecological reasons, this process will continue. Israelis consume 60,000 tons of fish annually. The specialized cages can be laid and lifted whenever needed, and the breeding area is not affected by the weather. The project so far has cost $1.9 million.

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