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Publisher\Editor Don Canaan

                       Feb. 21, 1996 V4, #33
All the News the Big Guys Missed

Saddam's Son-in-Law Returns Home

By Laurie Kassman (VOA-Cairo)

A high-ranking Iraqi defector, Hussein Kamel Hassan, and his family are on their way home to Baghdad. General Kamel defected to Jordan last August with his wife, Saddam Hussein's daughter, and his brother, who is married to another daughter of President Saddam. They left Tuesday for Iraq.

Jordan's official news agency says the Iraqi defector and his family drove in a convoy to the border after sending a letter of thanks to King Hussein for his six months of hospitality. Iraq's ambassador to Jordan accompanied the group to the border.

Monday, Kamel told reporters he had decided to go home and had written to Saddam Hussein for permission to return. He was just waiting for a reply. Jordan's prime minister is quoted as saying Hassan and his entourage left of their own free will after private contacts with Baghdad.

The defection of the head of Iraq's secret weapons programs sent shock waves through the Iraqi leadership. After he left the country, Baghdad quickly offered UN inspectors previously concealed information about its toxic warfare research.

Some analysts speculated the defection of a member of Saddam Hussein's inner circle was the tell-tale crack in Saddam Hussein's grip on power. Others suggested it was merely the result of family feuding.

In interviews at the time of his defection, Kamel described his brother-in-law -- Saddam Hussein's son, Uday -- as crazy and whimsical. Reports from Baghdad indicated Uday's push for power was probably behind Hassan's decision to leave.

Once he was settled in a royal guest palace in Jordan, Kamel said he wanted to topple the Iraqi government. At first it appeared King Hussein was offering his support to the Iraqi defector.

Since then, the Jordanian monarch has been in touch with other Iraqi opposition personalities and has allowed an opposition group to open an office in Amman. But the opposition groups working in exile have rejected any dealings with Kamel because of his close ties to Saddam Hussein.

Now the question is whether those close ties are enough to protect Kamel and his family from punishment back home, in Iraq, for his act of defiance.

"Bay Watch" Swimsuits to be Made in Israel for a Dutch Co.

The Klil-Yofi Co. has arranged to produce and export to a Dutch company, a series of swimsuits designed like those on "Bay Watch" on TV, to the value of $24-million annually. The company already produces the Israeli swimsuit Pilpel model, and the Dutch importer has the European concession for selling "Bay Watch" models.

Klil-Yofi has also produced large amounts of swimsuits for an American company, Sarah Lee, one of the biggest in the world, and part owner of the Delta Co. in Israel. The plant is in Nazareth.

Egypt Acquiring Equipment from Israeli Kibbutz.

Egypt is buying handling and moving equipment for a grape packing plant from the Eshet Ayalon Co. of Kibbutz Ayalon. The Al-Maghrabi Farm in Egypt has bought preliminary equipment, and another four concerns in the country are buying four more sets of this equipment, worth a total of $370,000.

Prestigious Science Prize to Sela.

The most important scientific institute in Germany, and one of the world's most prestigious, the Max Planck Institute, is awarding its highest prize to Professor Michael Sela, former president of the Weizmann Institute of Scientific Research at Rehovot in Israel. It is the first time in 50 years that this prize has been awarded to a non-German. The ceremony will also take place outside Germany, in Rehovot, for the first time. The prize is awarded for exceptional personal contribution to the advancement of science and the human spirit.

Sela is a world-renowned expert in human immunology, and is now vice chairman of the Board of Governors of the Weizmann Institute. He is a laureate of the Israel Prize, and also a member of France's Legion d'Honneur.

Heart Insufficiency Diagnosis Developed.

An innovative system to diagnose heart insufficiency has been developed by the Israeli Cortak Co. It is an early, non-invasive, and accurate check for patients with heart insufficiency, making treatment more effective. The major medication concern Hoffmann La Roche is introducing the system in clinical trials for heart patients.

Family of Dead Palestinian Donates Organs for Transplant in Israel

The family of a Palestinian laborer killed in a work accident in central Israel agreed to donate his organs for transplant in a rare instance which may open the way for Palestinian patients also to be candidates for transplants in Israel.

The clinical death of the 38-year-old laborer was established in the Sheba Tel Hashomer Hospital, which contacted his family and arranged for his older brother to come to Israel from Gaza and authorize the transplants. The man's heart went to a 49-year-old Israeli Arab man from Tira village, and his kidneys, liver and spleen to other patients waiting for transplants.

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