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Publisher\Editor Don Canaan

                       Feb. 2, 1996 V4, #20
All the News the Big Guys Missed

Curing Potential of Red Sea Creatures:

The Red Sea has been found to be the source of biological medications which can affect the human physiology. Germs have developed able to resist most known antibiotics and there is only slow progress in developing cures for cancer and AIDS. Researchers are therefore looking for solutions in the sea. It contains many potential cure medications from fish and other creatures that emit toxins which affect the human nervous system. Professor Yoel Cashman of the Department of Chemistry of Tel Aviv University is developing anti-cancer materials made from living creatures in the Red Sea.

Austrian Bones May Not be Jewish

By Wayne Corey (VOA-Vienna)

Doubts have arisen in Austria about whether bones discovered near a former Nazi death camp are really those of Jews killed during the Second World War. An Austrian forensics expert says the teeth of the nine skeletons found at the construction site of a new power plant were in good condition. The expert, Horst Littmann, says this indicates the remains are not those of prisoners in a Nazi death camp who would have been malnourished and sick.

Littmann believes the remains are more likely those of German soldiers held in a prisoner of war camp around the end of the Second World War. There is no firm indication of mass graves in the area, where the bones were found, about 138 miles west of Vienna. If the remains discovered were those of Jews killed by the Nazis, they would have been buried together and in larger numbers.

Iranian Spy Deported to Jordan

By Al Pessin (VOA-Jerusalem)

Israel has deported to Jordan a Palestinian man accused of spying for Iran. The alleged spy was sent across the Allenby Bridge on Thursday from the West Bank into Jordan. Israel says it made the deportation because the man, Mohammed Rajab Salameh Mohammed, had Jordanian citizenship, although he lived in a village near Bethlehem.

Announcing his arrest on Wednesday, Israel's Security Service said Mohammed had been recruited by someone at the Iranian Embassy in Amman, and had been assigned to spy on both Israel and Jordan. The service says he had provided Iran with some maps with the locations of Israeli government ministries and other facilities marked on them, and was caught while on assignment to photograph secret installations.

Peres Sees Syrian Peace--Someday

By Andre de Nesnera (VOA-London)

Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres says eventually Israel and Syria will agree on a peace formula acceptable to everyone. Peres made the statement as he continued a two-day visit to the British capital.

Peres told British radio he is pleased with the ongoing peace negotiations between his country and Syria -- despite significant disagreements on key issues. "May I say that I feel this time, that the Syrians are much more serious than ever before. Now let me say that negotiations for peace is a chain of deadlocks. You have to overcome time and again another deadlock and another deadlock. Our two meetings (with the Syrians) at the Wye Plantation in Maryland, in my judgment were initially a success though we do not have yet a breakthrough. This will come in the future."

Several Syrian newspapers have accused Israel of making provocative and impossible demands for security arrangements. The newspapers did not reveal what those demands are -- but it is understood Israel is seeking to establish early-warning systems on the Golan Heights to prevent possible future Syrian attacks.

In the interview with British radio, Peres said the ongoing Israeli-Syrian negotiations are not just about the Golan Heights or future relations between the two countries. "This is a golden opportunity to turn the peace negotiations between us and Syria into a comprehensive peace. The reasons for belligerency and war are beginning to be over."

Israeli Drug Lord Captured

By Al Pessin (VOA-Jerusalem)

Police in Israel have announced the arrest of a man they describe as a key figure in Colombia's Cali drug cartel. The arrest in Tel Aviv was the result of an international investigation and police say it has likely severely hurt the cartel's ability to move drugs from Asia and Latin America to Europe and North America.

The Israeli police arrested Roni Mann, 50, at Tel Aviv's airport and charged him being one of the key people involved in transporting drugs for the Cali cartel, and one of its most trusted associates. The arrest was made six weeks ago but was kept secret until Wednesday.

The spokesman for Israel's Police Ministry, Eric Bar Chen, says the investigation of Mann began last year, when police in The Netherlands uncovered his alleged connection to drug dealing in at least 11 countries.

Mann is also accused of money laundering and having connections with organized crime groups from the former Soviet Union. Two other Tel Aviv area men were also arrested in what police describe as the most serious drug case ever involving Israelis.

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