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Publisher\Editor Don Canaan

                      Dec. 14, 1995, V3, #227
All the News the Big Guys Missed

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Some Syrian Newspapers are Praising Peres

By Laurie Kassman (VOA-Cairo)

Syrian newspapers are sounding optimistic ahead of US Secretary of State Warren Christopher's visit tomorrow. There were some rare words of praise for Prime Minister Shimon Peres.

Usually, just before a visit by Christopher, Syria's state-run media carries tough editorials blaming Israel for any snags or delays in the negotiations. This time, the editorials sound upbeat about prospects for resuming talks that have been suspended since June. One newspaper even praises Peres for his attitude toward Syria.

State television carried excerpts from Peres' speech to Congress, especially when he stressed his determination to make peace with Syria and Lebanon. The state-run Tishrin newspaper highlighted Peres' comments that peace with Syria is more important than winning elections. The Baath Party newspaper says Peres' consultations with President Clinton have rekindled hopes for realizing a comprehensive peace.

Analysts in the region have suggested there is a narrow window of opportunity in the aftermath of Yitzhak Rabin's assassination when the political will on both sides may be more receptive to compromise.

Syria has never deviated from its original demand Israel return all the Golan Heights, which it seized in the 1967 Six Day war. Israel wants Syria's commitment to normalized relations first. Syria remains the key to a comprehensive Middle East peace, but the talks have lagged behind the other tracks.

The Secret War Against the Jews
Book Review by: Yehuda Poch

(Mark Aarons and John Loftus, St. Martin's Press, New York, 514 pp., notes, bibliography)

Since just after World War One, and the Balfour Declaration, Western intelligence services have acted against Israel in the pursuit of closer ties with the oil-rich states of the Arabian Peninsula and Persian Gulf. This despite the publicly stated policies of their governments. In this book, the authors document how these illegal activities on the part of the intelligence community were carried out which has targeted Israeli and Jewish interests throughout the world.

Evil leads to evil, and over the next seven decades, the scandals and cover-ups became so monumental as to include the President of the United States, most of his cabinet, and even the Prime Minister of Israel.

The involvement of the USS Liberty in the Six-Day War is documented, and blamed on the American tilt toward the Arabs. The positioning of the Liberty provided the Arabs, specifically Egypt, with intelligence on Israeli troop movements, which assisted in the planning of an Egyptian counter-attack through holes left in the Israeli lines by troops who had been transferred to the Syrian front. The reason for both American and Israeli silence about the affair even after almost 30 years, is that to publicize the real reason for the attack, and to launch a public inquiry, would mean exposing the entire policy tilt initiated by the CIA, and the illegal provision of intelligence to an enemy in war time.

In 1973, the delay in the American supply of arms to Israel, and the failure of the CIA to tell Israel of the impending attack, is blamed squarely on George Bush and Henry Kissinger. They wanted Israel to either lose or sweat a little before winning, in an effort to protect the oil supply. They also initiated the process of actively destroying Israel's military advantage so that the Arabs would be more inclined to continue supplying US oil.

I found the book to be quite detailed, and meticulously documented. Due to the classified nature of many relevant documents, the source notes need to be vague, but that does not diminish in any noticeable way from the bombshells provided by the book. Many of the major scandals of this century are discussed, including those discussed above, as well as the Jonathan Pollard affair, the oil crisis, the hostage crisis, American arms supplies to Syria and Iraq, and American leaks of Israeli secrets to Egypt and Syria.

Very few Jews, even in political circles, are aware of just how poorly the United States government actually treats Israel. Legislators state their support for Israel, and they can be believed. But it is the executive branch, the CIA, the Vice-President, and their staffs, who pursue opposite policies behind the backs of Congress. These policies are the ones that have lasting effects on the security and safety of Israel and Jews, not the statements of legislators.

Yet such awareness is important if we are to understand how to interact with these agencies and government representatives. The book should therefore be made required reading to all Jewish bureaucrats, whether in government, the Diaspora establishment, or lobbying groups. Additionally, it is important for Jewish students to read this book. The future security of Israel, and of Diaspora Jewish communities, rests on its acceptance as an important contributor to the documented history of the 20th century.

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