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                     Publisher\Editor Don Canaan
                       Dec. 1, 1995, V3, #218
All the News the Big Guys Missed

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Israeli Suspected of Attempt to Rocket Temple Mount

25-year old Eyal Keinan will remain in custody for seven additional days. Keinan, a resident of Jerusalem, is suspected of planning to bomb the Temple Mount. As part of his preparation, he fired a rocket at an abandoned house in his neighborhood.

Russian Defense Minister Arrives in Israel

Russian Defense Minister Pavel Grachev arrived in Israel Thursday, marking the first visit of a Russian Defense Minister in Israel.

Grachev is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister and Defense Minister Shimon Peres and IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Amnon Shahak. The Russian Defense Minister will also tour military industrial plants.

According to Israel Radio, the focus of the visit will be on the Russian role in the Middle East peace process, and on examining cooperation between Israeli and Russian military industries.

Peres Prepares to Visit Washington

By Victor Beattie (VOA-Washington)

Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres is scheduled to make his first visit to the US, including a meeting with President Clinton, since assuming his post. Peres hopes the Dec. 11 session will advance the stalled Israeli-Syrian peace talks.

The White House says the meeting between Peres and Clinton will involve implementation of the recent Palestinian self-rule accord and advancing talks with Damascus. The talks are the first between the two men since the Nov. 4 assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin which thrust the foreign minister into the top job.

Clinton, in a message to the Peres government, assured it of continued US support. "The US will join Israel in building a future of hope and peace for the Jewish State and its neighbors."

In an address to the Israeli parliament, Peres underscored his willingness to reach a peace agreement with Syria. He is expected to unveil his plan for peace with Damascus when he meets Clinton.

According to Israeli Ambassador to Washington Itamar Rabinovitch, it will include a call for a summit between Peres and Syrian President Hafez al-Assad.

U.S. Militia Activity Increases

By Chris Simkins (VOA-New York)

Activity among right-wing paramilitary organizations in the US is on the rise according to a report released by a New York-based group. According to the new study, membership among private, rightwing militia groups in the US has increased in the last 10 years.

The study, published by the American Jewish Committee, says membership in paramilitary organizations has been estimated at more than 40,000 nationwide. The report also says activities such as demonstrations, armed confrontations and anti-government threats are on the rise as well. Ken Toole, one of the authors of the study, says violence and intimidation by militia groups has disrupted the political process in many communities.

"You have militia activists in Michigan pounding on the table and finger pointing at town meetings. In other places you have five guys standing at the back of the room with their arms folded and everybody in the community knows where they stand and what their philosophy is. What does that do? What we have seen in Montana is that it drives people away. That people simply do not want to participate when part of your price of participation is being targeted for violence."

Toole says militia organizations, especially those in the Midwestern US, grew out of the white supremacy movement. He says the groups have now targeted ordinary citizens and local government officials.

"There is a pattern that occurs in a community when you have these organizations active coincidental or not people start to get threats. They will get anonymous phone calls, anti-Semitic tracts are sent to people after they speak up at a public meeting. There is this pattern that emerges, often culminating with out-and-out threats to local government officials and confrontations between law enforcement and radical right-wing or militia activists."

Jeffrey Ruch, director of "Peer," an advocacy group for federal workers, says he has seen a rise in anti-federal government sentiment against people who oversee and patrol federally-owned land.

"Employees in the both the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service offices in New Mexico have been repeatedly terrorized with hangman's nooses, Nazi swastikas and the like. These are public servants trying to do their job. Throughout the west public employees are being advised to travel in pairs, they should never be in marked vehicles, and they should remain in constant radio contact with their headquarters office. It is almost as if these federal workers are stationed in Bosnia or Beirut and not in Washington State, Oregon and Northern California."

The authors of the report say in order to stop the rise in local militia groups, the federal government must take a more active role in identifying the hate organizations and should prosecute their members who violate the law.

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