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Publisher\Editor Don Canaan

                      Nov. 21, 1995, V3, #212
All the News the Big Guys Missed

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Nazi Captain Deported to Italy

A former Nazi army captain accused of one of the worst massacres in Italy during World War 2 has flown to Rome to be tried for the crime. Captain Erich Priebke, 82 was taken to an Italian plane at an Argentine airport under heavy guard after saying confession to a Roman Catholic priest at his home. The former nazi captain will be tried on charges he took part in the slaying of 335 Italians in caves near Rome in 1944. The Germans shot the victims in reprisal for the killing of 33 German soldiers by Italian partisans.

Settlers Accuse Security Police of Instigating Violence

By Al Pessin (VOA-Jerusalem)

Right wing Israeli groups are accusing the government of using its security service to agitate against settlers and other opponents, in the wake of reports of a connection between the security service and one of the men accused of advance knowledge of the plan to assassinate Yitzhak Rabin. The government calls such charges "completely unjustified."

Reports by several Israeli news organizations indicate that one of the men arrested in connection with the Rabin murder worked as an informant for Israel's Security Service.

The man, Avishai Raviv, was arrested after the killing, and later put under house arrest at his parents' home. In recent days, Raviv has been connected with several of the most extreme actions carried out by militant jewish groups, including the production of a poster depicting Rabin as a Nazi, a filmed swearing-in ceremony for Jewish activists committed to using violence to reach their goals, and a false claim of responsibility for the murder of a Palestinian in the West Bank.

On Monday, leaders of several right wing Jewish groups held a news conference to charge that Raviv carried out those activities as an agent for the Security Service, working on behalf of the Labor Party government to try to ruin the reputation of legitimate opposition groups.

They further allege that while the government has said harsh right wing rhetoric created the highly-charged political atmosphere in which the murder took place, it was in fact the government's own agents who were engaging in the most extreme, provocative rhetoric.

Elyakim Ha'etzni is a member of the Council of Israeli Settlers in the West Bank and Gaza. "He (Raviv) has been acting not as an informer but as an agent-provocateur, with actions on his part and his friends, inciting to all sorts of violence, including murder. So the question is asked, what is the connection between our secret services and the political interests of the Labor Party, which were served blatantly, flagrantly by one of their agents?"

Ha'etzni claims that the government used the Security Service and Raviv to try to "delegitimize" the opposition and potentially to make it easier for the government to forcibly remove settlers from the West Bank in case it decides to do so at a later stage of the peace process.

He and other right wing leaders who appeared Monday say the government at the very least could have stopped Raviv from taking the actions he took. And they demanded that the State Commission of Inquiry into the Rabin murder investigate whether the Security Service might even have directed those actions.

Israeli government spokesman Sheldon Shulman denies the charge. "That I can categorically deny. These individuals were not agents of the Israel police or of any other security agency, they were private individuals. It has to be clearly understood that even an informer employed by any police department has not control over the activities, the illegal activities of its informants and doesn't even rely often to a great extent on the information that it receives. So to impute from the fact that someone is an informant that the police department for whom he worked had control over his actions, or should have known about other things that he was doing or his colleagues were doing, is completely unjustified."

The revelation of Raviv's connection to the Security Service has been followed by a report Monday in Israel's largest-circulation newspaper that the confessed assassin himself also had such a link.

Yediot Aharonot says the gunman, Yigal Amir, was trained by the service in how to use weapons before he was sent to Latvia several years ago to work as a Hebrew teacher. The newspaper says his real job was to protect the Jewish community there.

Security services never talk about their inner workings, and conspiracy theories are easy to devise and difficult to prove. But the latest series of revelations, accusations and denials in the wake of the Rabin assassination shows the continuing sharp rifts in Israeli society, and provides still more grist for the State Commission of Inquiry, which held its second day of hearings Monday.

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