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Publisher\Editor Don Canaan

                      Aug. 31, 1995, V3, #160
All the News the Big Guys Missed

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Peres will Ask Bill Gates to Assist in Peace Process

Foreign Minister Shimon Peres is expected to meet in Milan this weekend with American computer entrepreneur Bill Gates. The Foreign Minister and Microsoft's chairman will participate in an international conference on economic issues and on relations between Europe and the Middle East.The Foreign Minister will try to recruit Gates to participate in a peace process project to computerize the Middle East.

Brazil Recognizes Palestinian Passport

By George Meek (VOA-Rio de Janeiro)

Brazil has become the first country in Latin America to grant official recognition to passports issued by the provisional government of Palestine. Orders have gone out to Brazilian immigration officials at all ports of entry that the regular green Palestinian passports are to be recognized immediately.

The announcement was made in Brasilia and in the Palestinian-administered territory, Gaza, where Brazilian Foreign Minister Luiz Felipe Lampreia met Wednesday with PLO leader Yasir Arafat. Earlier this week Lampreia visited Israel.

Brazil says the acceptance of the passports reflects closer cooperation with Palestine, and is a response to progress in the Middle East peace process. A Palestinian delegation has been based in Brasilia since November 1993.

Palestinian passports are already recognized by the United States.

Peres Visits Kazakhstan

By Doug Bakshian (VOA-Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres is on a one-day visit to Kazakhstan to sign agreements in the areas of science, culture and aviation. Peres praised Kazakhstan for taking steps toward democracy and for sheltering Jews during their times of hardship.

Peres says Israel has a deep feeling for Kazakhstan. He says the Kazakh people saved a great many Jewish refugees at a very difficult time in the Jews' history.

Turning to Kazakhstan's political situation, Peres says he is following with great admiration the changes taking place in Kazakhstan. He says the country is emerging from a complicated past, but is taking clear steps toward a democratic system and a modern economy.

Peres says Israel hopes to expand its economic and cultural ties with Kazakhstan. The countries are signing agreements on aviation, culture and science. Peres says he wants students and other Kazakh people to go to Israel and learn about the country. He also mentioned that Kazakhstan's president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, is to visit Israel soon. On another topic, he praised Kazakhstan for steps to disband its nuclear arsenal.

For his part, Nazarbayev said the visit by Peres lays a solid foundation for a broader relationship between the two countries. He noted that many Jews have left Kazakhstan for Israel.

Kazakhstan is said to have a very small remaining Jewish community, although no figures are given. Kazakhstan was the first majority Muslim state of the former Soviet Union to establish diplomatic relations with Israel.

The countries have only about $2 million in trade between them. Kazakhstan imports foods and consumer goods. Kazakhstan is also interested in Israeli irrigation techniques, said to be among the most efficient in the world. Kazakhstan wants to apply the system to cotton and tobacco crops. Some Kazakh doctors and other medical personnel are to receive training in Israel as well.

Palestinian Police Foil Attack on Jerusalem's Central Bus Station

During Monday's wave of arrests of Hamas members, the Palestinian police took into custody a terrorist who was on his way to carry out a suicide attack at the central bus station in Jerusalem, Israel's television news program, MABAT, reported.

Two Hamas members who were planning assassination attempts on Palestinians were also taken into custody. IDF forces in the territories have been on high alert in recent days following warnings that Hamas was preparing to carry out additional attacks. The General Security Service is continuing its investigation of the Hamas members arrested last week who are suspected of planning the recent bus attacks in Jerusalem and Ramat Gan.

Not a Newspaper to Read on a Bus

Globes-Internet is the answer to the challenge by electronic media to the written word; this electronic newspaper is up to date in real time, easy to use, and has many applications.

The economic newspaper "Globes" went on to the media highway and transmitted a real-time picture last Monday of the terrorist suicide explosion of the passenger bus in Jerusalem.

The daily Ha'aretz is already marketing a computerized edition in the U.S. and will soon make it available in Israel. As for "Globes-Internet," there were 40,000 log-ons, 75 percent of them Israelis. The material appears with pictures, sound and animation.

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