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Publisher\Editor Don Canaan

                      June 7, 1995, V3, #105
All the News the Big Guys Missed

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Eichmann's Son Relieved Father was Executed

Ricardo Eichmann, Adolf Eichmann's youngest son expressed his appreciation to Israel for executing his father in 1962. The elder Eichmann was executed for overseeing the Nazis' deportation and execution of Six Million European Jews during World War II. Ricardo said this week in Jerusalem: "What would I do with him if he were still alive? tell him to go to hell? offer him refuge."

Christopher Leaves for Middle East

By Ron Pemstein (Washington)

Secretary of State Warren Christopher leaves Washington this afternoon for his 13th Middle East peace mission since February 1993. The trip's focus will be on the Israeli-Syrian track. President Clinton has telephoned Syrian President Hafez al-Assad in advance of the Secretary's mission to urge him to speed up negotiations with Israel on the Golan Heights.

The telephone call came after a three-hour meeting that Assad held in Damascus with Dennis Ross, the State Department's special Middle East coordinator. Ross has been trying to prepare the basis for Israeli and Syrian military experts who will meet in Washington later this month to try to negotiate security arrangements for an Israeli withdrawal from the Heights. Ross also met in Damascus with Syrian Chief of Staff General Hikmat Shihabi. Ross held talks Monday with Israeli leaders.

The two sides have an outline of principles for these talks that include demilitarized zones and early warning systems that will ease Israel's decision to leave the Heights that Israel captured from Syria in the 1967 war. Syria has refused Israel's demand for a full peace agreement until the Heights are vacated.

In his first peace mission since March, Christopher will be trying to bring Israel and Syria closer together on a withdrawal schedule. Syria reportedly wants an 18 month Israeli pullback while Israel prefers a phased withdrawal schedule covering four years. US officials say an agreement on security measures could bring the two sides closer on the other issues blocking agreement.

Clinton says there is a chance to make peace between Israel and Syria this year but he told a television interview there may be rocks in the road. Clinton says if a comprehensive peace is achieved, international terrorism should be reduced.

Christopher will be basing his peace mission in Jerusalem with day trips to Cairo, Damascus and Amman as well as possibly Jericho for a meeting with Yasir Arafat. Besides the Israeli-Syrian track, Christopher hopes to get Israel and the Palestinians to meet a July 1 target date to redeploy Israeli troops in the West Bank so Palestinian elections can be held.

American Neo-Nazi will be Extradited

By Dagmar Breitenbach (Bonn)

A Danish district court has approved a German request for extradition of US neo-Nazi leader Gary Lauck, who has been supplying Europe with anti-Semitic propaganda for decades. Lauck is wanted in Germany for distributing unconstitutional material and propagating racism. Less than three months after his arrest in Denmark, a Danish district court has backed Germany's extradition request.

Lauck's lawyer immediately appealed the ruling to a higher court, maintaining his client cannot be extradited to Germany because his US-based neo-Nazi publishing activities are not illegal under Danish law. He said he is determined to take Lauck's case to the Danish Supreme Court if necessary.

Lauck is wanted in Germany for distributing illegal, racist propaganda material and Nazi symbols in Germany from abroad. If convicted, he could face five years in prison.

Lauck is the head of a neo-Nazi organization, the "National Socialist German Workers' Party -- Overseas Organization," based in Nebraska. The 41-year-old Lauck publishes anti-Semitic newspapers, magazines, leaflets, and videos, and distributes swastika-adorned shirts, banners, posters and bumper stickers, sending them overseas to -- among other countries -- Germany. The organization, which takes its name from Adolf Hitler's Nazi party, is banned in Germany.

For years, German police had tried to get US law enforcement authorities to take action against the neo-Nazi publisher, but he is protected in the US by more liberal laws.

A Privatized El Al will not Fly on the Sabbath.

Transportation Minister Israel Kessar declared that El Al would not fly on the Sabbath even after privatization. Kessar said this recently, in response to El Al's new Chairman of the Board, Joseph Ciechanover, who reported, in New York, that the airline could fly on Sabbath after 51% of its shares were out of the hands of the government. Currently, the government has prohibited the national airline from flying on the Sabbath.

Ciechanover also said it is quite possible that El Al's initial public offering in the U.S. would occur before its IPO in Tel Aviv, both of which were postponed due to low appraisals and the current poor situation [as termed by the Finance Ministry for the offerings of foreign companies.

U.S. Entrepreneurs Propose Selling of Israeli Satellite Photos

Private US entrepreneurs have proposed that Israel's Defense Ministry sell Israeli satellite photos taken by OFEK 3 on the international market.

OFEK 3, which was launched on April 5, is capable of high resolution photography, electronic surveillance and measuring the electro-magnetic levels of various objects.

According to the entrepreneurs, the money generated by the sale of satellite photos would provide ample funds for further satellite development. The businessmen also said the Israel enjoys a definite advantage in the international satellite photo market.

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