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Publisher\Editor Don Canaan

                       May 22, 1995, V3, #94
All the News the Big Guys Missed

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Arafat's PLO Fatah Threatens New Intifada

By Patricia Golan (Jerusalem)

The mainstream Fatah faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization is calling on Chairman Yasir Arafat to suspend talks with Israel on expanding self-rule over confiscation of land in Arab east Jerusalem. The call is the latest sign of growing Arab anger over Israel's decision to expropriate land for mostly Jewish housing and a police station.

Fatah has announced it will carry out protests in the coming days against the planned expropriation in advance of the scheduled Arab League meeting at the end of the week in Morocco. But at its weekly meeting on Saturday, the Palestinian Authority agreed to continue the negotiations despite calls by some members to suspend them.

Meanwhile, Palestinian official Faisal Husseini has warned of a new intifada or Palestinian uprising if Israel does not cancel the expropriation plans.

"Unfortunately, if the Israelis will not stop all these activities, they are pushing towards an intifada, which no one can say that he is behind it. The most important thing is that after that no one will be able after that to stop it or control it."

Husseini says the Palestinian Authority in Gaza has so far prevented the outbreak of another uprising. He says that both Israel and the Palestinians agreed that the issue of the status of Jerusalem was so sensitive that it was to be left until final negotiations.

Arab Mini-Summit Scheduled for Morocco

By Laurie Kassman (Cairo)

Morocco says nine Arab League members will attend the mini-summit now scheduled for next Saturday in Rabat or Casablanca. The goal of the high-level meeting is to work out a unified Arab response to Israel's confiscation of Arab land in east Jerusalem. The meeting of Arab leaders will be the largest get-together since 1990, when the Arab League convened a summit to discuss Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. The aim of this summit is to coordinate Arab response to the Israeli land confiscation. A strong statement condemning the Israeli action is expected.

Some diplomats want to slow or suspend efforts to normalize relations with the Jewish state amid warnings that the Israeli action endangers the peace process.

Morocco's King Hassan will host the leaders. He is head of the Arab League's Jerusalem committee. Jordan's King Hussein, who is considered the custodian of the Islamic holy shrines in Jerusalem, has given his support for the meeting.

Arab states are furious over the Israeli confiscation of land in east Jerusalem. That anger was fueled last week by the US veto of a draft UN Security Council resolution calling on Israel to reverse its decision.

Palestinian leaders and Arab allies have complained that Israel is slowly changing the demographics of Jerusalem by increasing the number of Jews living in traditional Arab areas before the final status of the city is resolved.

That thorny issue is not supposed to be put on the negotiating table until next year at the earliest. Israel captured east Jerusalem in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war and considers the whole city its unified capital, but Palestinians see east Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state.

Last Leopard in Nature Preserve Dies During Surgery

"Shlomtzion," a leopard named after an ancient Queen of Israel, was the last leopard living in the wild, in the Ein Gedi nature reserve near the Dead Sea. It was taken for surgery to the Safari Park at Ramat Gan, but died during the operation. It is now feared the Judean Desert leopards are virtually extinct. Shlomtzion was 16 years old, regarded as very old in natural conditions. A year ago, two other leopards in the area died, and now only two known males survive, children of Shlomtzion. It is thought there may still be some leopards in the Negev, the southern desert beyond the Judean Desert.

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