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Publisher\Editor Don Canaan

                       May 1, 1995, V3, #79
All the News the Big Guys Missed

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Clinton Takes Part in Yom HaShoah Remembrance

By Deborah Tate (New York)

President Clinton joined survivors of the Holocaust in New York Sunday to mark the liberation of the Nazi death camps 50 years ago. Clinton called on future generations never to forget the events of the Holocaust, and to oppose what he called "new forms of organized evil."

Following an emotional candle-lighting ceremony by concentration camp survivors in memory of the Six Million who perished in death camps, Clinton said the events of the Holocaust must never be allowed to fade.

With the Oklahoma City bombing still weighing heavily on the president's mind, Clinton said hatred still flourishes where it has a chance, and intolerance still lurks, waiting to spread. He said the task of those born after the Holocaust is to stand against evil.

"Soon, the living memory of the Holocaust will pass. Those of us, then, who were born after the war will then have to shoulder the responsibility that the survivors have carried for so long -- to fight all forms of racism, to combat those who distort the past, and peddle hate in the present."

The president said more and more American children are being taught the lessons of the Holocaust, and expressed hope they would one day be the kind of adults who would take action if someone ever came to take a friend or neighbor away.

Dachau Survivors Meet with American Liberators

By Evans Hays (Bonn)

The Nazi concentration camp at Dachau, outside Munich in southern Germany, became the model for thousands of other camps set up by Germany when Adolf Hitler took power. This weekend, camp survivors and American war veterans who liberated the camp 50 years ago came together again to mark the occasion.

Dachau would be an ordinary town, known mainly for its proximity to the Bavarian capital, Munich, were it not for the fact that it is home to the concentration camp.

At commemoration ceremonies on Sunday, the leader of Germany's Jewish community, Ignatz Bubis, said that the German state, in building the Dachau concentration camp, turned the entire Third Reich -- Hitler's Germany -- into an enormous prison.

The camp at Dachau was a model that the Nazis copied throughout Germany and in occupied lands. More than 30,000 people died there from disease, overwork or execution.

Millions of others -- including Six Million Jews -- died in other camps.

The Dachau camp was opened in March 1933, soon after Hitler took power, to house political prisoners opposed to Hitler's regime. It soon became one of many thousands of camps used for extermination or forced labor.

Bubis told those at the ceremony that Dachau represents the brutality and inhumanity of the Nazi regime, from its first day in power to the bitter end.

Polish Foreign Minister Speaks of World War 2

By Dagmar Breitenbach (Bonn)

Polish Foreign Minister Wladyslaw Bartoszewski was the only foreign guest invited to speak at a special ceremony in the German parliament to mark the 50th anniversary of the end of World War 2. The appearance was a concession to Poland after German Chancellor Helmut Kohl excluded Polish leaders from celebrations in Berlin on May 8.

In his speech, Bartoszewski welcomed the current state of relations between Poland and Germany, and urged a further strengthening of ties.

Speaking to both houses of parliament, in a special commemoration ceremony, the Polish foreign minister said we must make up for time lost through mistrust, contempt, enmity and war. Half a century after World War 2 -- which began with Nazi Germany's aggression against Poland -- Bartoszewski said a deeply democratic Germany has again taken on a constructive role in Europe's history.

The Polish foreign minister was invited to speak before the German Parliament after it became clear that no Polish leader would be asked to Germany's official ceremonies to mark the end of the war. Kohl has invited only the leaders of the former four Allies -- the United States, Britain, France and Russia -- to speak in Berlin May 8. Kohl defended his decision, saying it would be impossible to have as guests the leaders of every country that suffered under the Nazis.

Autopsy Shows Arab Detainee was Tortured

By Al Pessin (Jerusalem)

A Scottish pathologist who witnessed the autopsy of a Palestinian prisoner who died in Israeli custody last week says the man was tortured to death. The doctor attended the autopsy at the request of the detainee's family.

Dr. Derek Pounder joined two Israeli physicians at the autopsy, and he told Israeli Army Radio they all agreed on the cause of the prisoner's death. "There is no doubt, whatsoever, about the cause of death. And it's very clear that he has died from unnatural causes, and that he has died from torture."

The Palestinian prisoner, Abdel-Samad Harizat, died last Tuesday morning at a Jerusalem hospital, where he had been taken after spending one night in police custody. Harizat was a known supporter of the extremist group, Hamas, which has carried out a series of attacks against Israelis in recent months. Israel says he was a leader of a Hamas unit, but the Harizat family denies the charge.

Israeli government spokesman Uri Dromi calls Harizat's death "regrettable" and says there will be a thorough investigation. Dromi also denies that interrogators use torture, but he says restrictions have been eased on the use of force in interrogations in recent months because of the constant threat of attacks.

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