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Publisher\Editor Don Canaan

                     April 12, 1995, V3, #67
All the News the Big Guys Missed

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'Hatikva' Played in Jordan for First Time

As Israel's Ambassador to Jordan, Shimon Shamir, presented his credentials to Jordan's Crown Prince Hassan in Amman, Israel's national anthem, "Hatikva" was played for the first time in Jordan, and a Jordanian military honor guard saluted Ambassador Shamir.

Arafat Says He's Looking for Gazan Terrorists

By Susan Sappir (Jerusalem)

Palestinian security forces are cracking down on Muslim militants in Gaza. Tensions are high and more than 170 people have been detained.

Members of the militant-Muslim groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad estimate Palestinian police have raided 1,000 houses in the Gaza Strip. The raids produced fewer than 200 arrests, as many activists have gone into hiding.

PLO leader Yasir Arafat vowed to take tough measures against the militants after they carried out two bloody attacks on Israeli vehicles Sunday -- killing eight people and wounding dozens of others.

The tense relations between Arafat's PLO and his Muslim opposition groups are near the boiling point. Twice in the first 24 hours of the arrest campaign, Palestinian police opened fire on suspected militants, but caused no casualties.

Israel has been putting pressure on Arafat to rein in the guerrillas in Palestinian-ruled Gaza -- preventing tens of thousands of laborers from traveling to jobs in Israel. It has banned the transport of goods to and from the Gaza Strip. And, after the latest attacks, Israel banned Palestinians from several main roads inside the Strip. Furthermore, the attacks have slowed down the implementation of the 1993 Oslo Accord that promised Palestinian self rule in most of the West Bank.

Arafat now accuses Hamas and Islamic Jihad of operating to undermine his authority and delay the extension of self rule. Indeed, he blames them for causing their own people's economic hardship by inducing Israel to seal its borders.

While Israel buries its dead and licks its wounds, Gaza's one million Palestinians struggle with daily hardships. One day after Israel blocked off the Strip's main roads, Gaza City Mayor Awn a-Shawwa warned of a new crisis: He says the city's garbage trucks cannot reach their dumping grounds and will no longer collect Gaza's 700 daily tons of waste.

Christian Churches Celebrating Passover

By Don Canaan

"Why is this night different from all other nights?" That is a question asked by the youngest Jewish child at a Passover seder, but on Friday evening, April 14, at an increasing number of seders, that question will be asked by a child who has been baptized.

Passover--for many Christians--has become part of their spiritual heritage.

The eight-day holiday is traditionally believed by Jews to mark the exodus of Hebrew slaves from Egypt, but for many Christians, the tradition takes on an additional meaning that says the Last Supper of Jesus and his apostles took place on the first day of Passover, and was a seder.

The House of God of the Apostolic Faith in Cincinnati is one of 25 nationwide Houses of God supervised by Bishop Robert Campbell. "Jesus and his apostles were Jews," Campbell told Israel Faxx "We teach that Jesus was a Jew. The only difference between Jews and our church is that we believe Jesus is the true messiah."

The House of God celebrates the Jewish Sabbath and all holidays, including Rosh Hashanah, the Hebrew New Year; Yom Kippur, the solemn Day of Atonement; and Passover--during which members eat matzo and kosher food.

"During our seder we tell congregants how God sent an angel to the Hebrews in bondage," Campbell said.

The church's ceremony takes a twist at this point and Campbell says the 75-person congregation memorializes Jesus' death with a communal foot-washing ritual.

The House of God's seder will take place this year in St. Petersburg, Fla., but Campbell said God's "five-year plan (for the church) is to celebrate Passover in Israel in the year 2000."

Another Christian group that promotes observance of the Passover is the Fairfield-headquartered Rock of Israel Ministries shepherded by the Rev. Warren Frankel, 57 _ a former Orthodox Jew who says he's "a Jew by birth and a Christian by choice."

Frankel's group teaches the Jewish roots and rituals of Christianity to denominations ranging from Pentecostal to Presbyterian--churches seeking to retrace the Judaic origins of Christianity.

Frankel told Israel Faxx Jewish feasts have disappeared from Christian ritual because "in the year 300 (Byzantine Emperor) Constantine told Jewish people 'if you want to come into the church you must not bring in your feast days, customs and traditions.'"

Frankel says his ministry's focus is "to bring that richness and fullness back into the church."

Rock of Israel Ministries, under the umbrella of the national headquarters of the Assembly of God Church, will perform seders this year at 13 Greater Cincinnati churches. It also trains congregants in the methodology of witnessing to Jews.

"We're a ministry that wants to bring the gospel to the Jews," Frankel said. "We're not a church. We reach out to God's Chosen People."

Asked how his family on the Grand Concourse and 170th Street in The Bronx reacted to his conversion, Frankel said they didn't take it too well, disowned him and mourned him as if he had died.

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