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Publisher\Editor Don Canaan

                     March 24 1995, V3, #54
All the News the Big Guys Missed

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Israeli Conductor to China and Taiwan: The Israeli conductor Amos Meller has been invited to conduct the Beijing Philharmonic Orchestra and also the Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra in Taiwan. He will be the first Israeli conductor to lead those orchestras.

Arab League Dilutes Nuclear Resolution

By Peyman Pejman (Cairo)

Arab League foreign ministers, in Cairo to celebrate the organization's 50th anniversary, ended a two-day meeting by adopting a resolution on the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. The resolution marks a defeat for the host country, Egypt.

Egypt had hoped that the 22-nation organization would come up with a united position against the indefinite extension of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, known as NPT, when it comes for a vote at the United Nations next month.

But the foreign ministers instead passed a diluted resolution. They said that although they found it unacceptable that Israel should continue to reject joining the NPT, they would not link that to their decision on how to vote on the treaty's extension next month.

The resolution added that Arab foreign ministers would continue consultations with each other and with members of the non-aligned movement over which way to vote on the treaty.

Egypt, as well as Syria and Algeria, say they oppose an indefinite extension unless Israel agrees to join the NPT.

Israel refuses to acknowledge its nuclear capability but it is believed to have nuclear weapons. It has said it will not sign the treaty until there is a comprehensive Middle East peace and until countries such as Iran and Iraq do not pose a threat to Israel.

Germans Raid Neo-Nazis

By Dagmar Breitenbach (Bonn)

German police launched nationwide raids Thursday morning on the homes of followers of American neo-Nazi Gary Lauck. Lauck, who has been supplying Europe with anti-Semitic propaganda, has been arrested in Denmark and is awaiting extradition to Germany, where he is wanted for distributing unconstitutional material and propagating racism.

Hundreds of police raided at least 80 homes throughout Germany at dawn in search for rightwing extremist propaganda material distributed by Lauck.

Police say they confiscated large amounts of propaganda material, as well as weapons and ammunition.

German police have been for years trying to get US law enforcement authorities to take action against the 41-year-old neo-Nazi publisher. However, he is protected in the United States by constitutional provisions regarding free speech.

Gary Lauck has long been fascinated with Nazism. He says Hitler was the greatest man who ever lived. Lauck is the head of a neo-Nazi organization called the "National Socialist German Workers' Party --Overseas Organization," based in Nebraska.

The organization -- which is banned in Germany -- takes its name from the official title of Adolf Hitler's Nazi party. The American publisher produces anti-Semitic newspapers, leaflets, videos, swastika-adorned shirts, banners and bumper stickers, and sends them overseas to Germany-- among other countries -- using a network of addresses.

It is unclear how many followers Lauck has in Germany, but according to authorities, his organization is the largest foreign supplier for neo-Nazi propaganda material in Germany. The majority of his neo-Nazi customers is reported to be between 16 and 20 years of age.

Gore Arrives in Israel

By Patricia Golan (Jerusalem)

US Vice President Al Gore, in Israel on the last stop of his five-nation Middle East trip, has pledged America's continuing support for Israel's security. The vice-president is meeting Israeli and Palestinian leaders, including PLO Chairman Yasir Arafat in the Palestinian self-rule enclave of Jericho.

On the first day of the vice president's visit in Israel he received an honorary doctorate from the Hebrew University for his work in ecology. He was clearly cheered by the presence of hundreds of American students studying in Jerusalem.

In his speech he pledged to maintain the current levels of American military and economic assistance to Israel. "The administration has sustained Israel's $1.8 billion of security assistance and $1.2 billion in economic assistance. We are providing F-16s out of draw-downs of US defense equipment. We have authorized Israeli participation in American commercial space launch vehicles."

The vice-president said that while great strides have been made towards formal peace in the Middle East, the structure of peace is still incomplete until the gulf between Syria and Israel is finally bridged. Earlier, Israeli President Ezer Weizman urged Gore to see that the Americans become more actively involved in negotiations between Israel and Syria, to see that talks were carried out at higher level, but Gore did not respond to this publicly.

The vice president called on Arafat to act decisively against those who reject the peace accord he signed with Israel. "The voices of rejection are voices of the pass. The counsels of despair have no place in the future of this region. Let me be clear. Groups and states that sponsor or support terrorism are not builders. Inevitably in their efforts to harm others they harm themselves more."

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