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>PD Jan. 5, 1995, V3, #3

Israel Accused of Selling U.S. Technology to China

By Ron Pemstein (State Department)

The United States is investigating reports Israel may have transferred American aviation technology to China for use in developing a Chinese fighter jet.

There have been reports Israel and China collaborated on a new fighter jet for China known as the F-10. Those reports confirmed by Israeli officials say the technology was based on the Lavi, a joint American-Israeli fighter jet. That project was abandoned in 1987.

Israeli officials have said any technology transferred to China was small and is based on Israeli developments from the Lavi. The US is questioning the Israeli claim. State Department spokesman Michael McCurry says if American fighter technology was transferred, sanctions against Israel would have be taken.

"We've seen some of the press accounts about measures of cooperation that have occurred between Israel and China and we take credible reports of any unauthorized transfer of US military technology enormously seriously. The export arms control acts require us under our own law to look in to those type of reports, to monitor what type of technology transfers may be occurring without specific US authorization."

The spokesman says the United States has extensive procedures for monitoring those type of transfers, including consultation with Congress. Under Secretary of State Lynn Davis has already held discussions with Israel about arms export questions and the investigation will continue about the Lavi fighter technology.

"The State Department spokesman says Israel had no authorization to transfer American fighter technology to China and sanctions must be taken if the reports are true. Earlier reports that Israel passed American Patriot missile technology to China in 1992 were not proven. Israel receives $1.8 billion in American military aid, much of it spent on American technology. That business could be damaged if Israel is found guilty of illegal transfers of technology.

Israel Convicts American of Involvement with Hamas

An American citizen was convicted by an Israeli military court in Ramallah for participating in Hamas activities and attempting to transfer funds to Hamas that were earmarked for purchasing weapons.

Mohammed Salah, of Chicago, was sentenced to five years in prison and three years probation.

Salah was arrested in Jan. 1993 on suspicion of coordinating links between Hamas leaders in the territories and those abroad. He has been active in a group affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood movement since 1987. In addition, Salah was involved in Hamas's military wing.

Salah testified that certain Arab-American groups in Virginia serve as a center for Hamas activities in the United States. In response, senior Israeli officials have said that Hamas has an extensive infrastructure in the U.S.

Second Shootout Between IDF and Palestinian Police

By Al Pessin (Jerusalem)

Israeli soldiers and Palestinian policemen exchanged fire at the Israel-Gaza border Wednesday for the second time this week. There were only minor injuries. But the incident follows a shootout in the same area Monday night when three Palestinian policemen were killed. The events this week and other recent developments have increased tensions between the Israeli soldiers and Palestinian policemen who are expected to cooperate to make the Israeli/Palestinian peace accord work.

It was an unlikely partnership from the beginning--Israeli soldiers trained to fight Palestinian terrorists, and former terrorists now in uniform as Palestinian police officers. But their leaders put them together in the peace accord, manning adjacent checkpoints and operating joint patrols, to provide security for people on both sides and give peace a chance to take hold.

Initially, the effort worked fairly well, to the surprise of many observers. But in recent weeks lingering tensions have surfaced and worsened. In one of Wednesday's incidents, Israeli troops fired at two armed Palestinians in a car, who turned out to be undercover policemen who had come to investigate an earlier shooting. And one senior Palestinian officer was quoted as saying, when he heard about the first of Wednesday's shootouts, that he assumed this was the beginning of the process of exacting revenge for Monday night's deaths.

Iran Intensifying Efforts to Produce Chemical Weapons

Iran is currently intensifying its efforts to produce chemical weapons and has recently installed new production equipment.

According to senior Israeli officials, these Iranian efforts, coupled with Teheran's attempts to produce new long-range surface- to-surface missiles, represent a serious threat to Israel. The sources added that Iran is also developing and producing biological weapons under the guise of medical factories.

Iran is reportedly financing a large portion of North Korea's development of a new missile with an estimated range of 1,000 miles, in addition to working with China on developing another long-range missile.

Iran's is said to have the capability to produce the missiles domestically. In its recent efforts, Teheran has reportedly been using equipment purchased from Pakistan, Argentina and Eastern European countries.

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