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>PD OCTOBER 12, 1994, V2, #186


Israeli undercover troops fatally wounded an Israeli civilian as he drove in the Hebron area of the West Bank, the army said Wednesday. The unidentified man was shot in the head Monday night near the Dir Zamout village when he failed to follow orders to stop, the army said. He died of his injuries today.

Nobel Peace Prize to Rabin and Arafat

Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and PLO Chairman Yasir Arafat will be awarded the 1994 Nobel Prize for Peace. One member of the five-person committee that picks the recipients of the prize declared that he may resign from the committee if Arafat, "who remains a terrorist and a murderer," receives the award.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation said that Rabin, Arafat and King Hussein of Jordan would share the 1994 Ronald Reagan Freedom Award.

Hamas Jerusalem Terrorist Held Egyptian Passport

Six of those wounded in Sunday night's terrorist attack in downtown Jerusalem remain hospitalized; one of the six is listed in critical condition. An Egyptian passport, which included a visa to visit Israel, was found on the body of Issam al-Johari, one of the two terrorists killed at the scene of the deadly attack. Israel has asked Egypt for additional details on al-Johari. The two terrorists who carried out the attack were both members of Hamas, residents of the Gaza Strip, and, contrary to earlier reports, were not members of the Palestinian police. They were Palestinians, however.

Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin said that it was impossible that the two terrorists managed to travel from the Gaza Strip to Jerusalem with their weapons. Rabin added that it can be assumed that someone in the Jerusalem area assisted them. The police and the General Security Services are pursuing those suspected of assisting the terrorists.

Hamas Kidnaps Israeli Soldier

By Susan Sappir (Jerusalem)

The militant Moslem group Hamas says it kidnapped an Israeli soldier and threatens to kill him unless Israel frees some of its men.

The Islamic resistance movement Hamas says in a videotaped statement it kidnapped an Israeli soldier who had been missing since Sunday.

A masked Hamas terrorist presented the identity card and weapon of the soldier Nachshon Waxman and said he was alive. He said the soldier would be killed by 9 p.m. Friday local time unless Israel met its demands to free Hamas leaders held in Israeli jails.

The statement demanded the release of Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin as well as other leaders. News of the abduction came just two days after Hamas carried out a murderous attack in the center of Jerusalem.

Christopher Meets Syrian Leader

By Ron Pemstein (Damascus)

Secretary of State Warren Christopher has held almost four hours of talks with Syria's President, Hafez al-Assad. The two men discussed the peace process with Israel, and Iraq's troop and tank threat against Kuwait.

There are still gaps between Israel and Syria over an eventual peace agreement but Christopher, after his meeting with Assad, used hopeful language to describe the current status of the talks.

"I'm more convinced more than ever of the seriousness of both President Assad and, based upon yesterday's conversations with Prime Minister Rabin, gaps do remain but we're moving in the right direction. I think the parties are determined to try to seek a comprehensive peace and there is hope that can be achieved."

A senior American official refused to go into details. But he says some gaps between Israel and Syria have been narrowed this week. (Editor's note: When former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was conducting his shuttle diplomacy during the Nixon presidency, off-the-record quotes were usually attributed to a senior American official).

The secretary of state meets the Israeli and Syrian leaders meet again on Thursday to see if more progress can be achieved.

However, the US official cautions as long as some gaps do remain on the timing of Israel's withdrawal from the Golan Heights and the security arrangements to accompany any peace between Israel and Syria, no agreement can be set.

Christopher flies to Kuwait today to deliver support in person to the Kuwaiti government. He will also be meeting the foreign ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council in a session along with British Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd. Christopher will greet the newly-arrived American troops in Kuwait before resuming his peace mission in Jerusalem to relay what he learned here.

Now King Hussein is Against Saddam

By Ron Pemstein (Amman)

Jordan's King Hussein has expressed anger at Iraq's movement of troops toward Kuwait. This time the king has changed his mind.

In 1990, Hussein supported Iraq during the Gulf war but now he agrees with the United States that United Nations sanctions against Iraq are justified. "As far as we are concerned here in Jordan and I, in particular at this point in time would like to express my very deep sadness and disappointment and anger over this recent movement of troops in southern Iraq."

King Hussein says every country has the right to move troops where it wants inside its borders, but the perception now is that Iraq's move toward Kuwait this time is a repeat of four years ago when he says misery was brought to the region. The Jordanian monarch says if Iraq invades Kuwait, Jordan will be against Iraq clearly and strongly.

King Hussein's comments, alongside visiting Secretary of State Warren Christopher, are the sharpest criticisms he has made to date of the Iraqi leadership.

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