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Commentary: Is Rabin Capable of Ordering Torture for Jewish Settlers?

By Former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir

     There have been reports of human rights violations by the Israeli Security Services (GSS). It is very important to know the whole truth, because in such an issue, we, the right-wing, must be very careful not to blunder. Is it true that they are torturing Jewish settlers? Are they really covering their heads with bags and punching them repeatedly? I don't know. If they did do such a thing, it is outrageous.

     In my days, no such things ever happened. I was the one that gave the order to arrest the Jewish underground then. (Then, it was definite that the underground existed.) Later on, I helped them get out of prison. I liked them (and that is why I helped them get out) but, when they erred, I punished them. However, it was forbidden to torture them.

     In my days, the GSS did not deal with Jewish prisoners the same as it did with Arab prisoners. The methods which the GSS are reportedly using against the Jewish detainees today are methods used against ruthless Arab murderers.

     In any case, it is imperative to know the truth. In recent days I have been counselling the people who come to discuss this controversy with me. I advise them to engage lawyers and that they should investigate everything.

     I don't know the truth of what goes on in the GSS today. It is hard for me to believe what is being reported, but today everything is possible. Rabin is capable of ordering the use of such torture.

     As for the charge that the GSS are left-wingers, that is not true. There is neither a Left nor a Right in the General Security Services. The GSS has always had a tradition of not involving itself in any politics, even if they receive an order from the prime minister to get involved. They were trained not to discriminate against anyone because of their political views. This is the way it was all along. But I am not familiar with what goes on there today.

     One thing is certain--when those who were arrested were first in custody, the security authorities said that the charges against them are very serious-- that they were being investigated as to whether they shot three Arabs. Now they say that the investigation is centering on whether they intended to shoot Arabs. This shows that the Security Services did not act correctly. First they announced that they were dealing with actual murder, and now they admit that these detainees might have only spoken about "intentions." That doesn't mean that it was something serious. It could very well have happened that a boy came along all heated up saying, "We have to organize some sort of a revenge act, etc." There are even rabbis who, at times, get all excited and say, "We have to kill all the Arabs." That doesn't mean that they are actually going to do it.

Psychiatrist Took Child to Israel, Police Say

By Tim Pallesen (Palm Beach Post Staff Writer)

     Palm Beach Gardens psychiatrist Sheldon Kalmutz left the country by flying with his children to Israel last month, said a police detective who has questioned an orthodox rabbi who counseled Kalmutz.

     Kalmutz, 66, purchased tickets for daughter Amanda, 5; son Jonathan, 2; and himself on El Al Israel Airlines for the August 21st flight, according to ticket records subpoenaed by Palm Beach Gardens police.

     Police assisting the children's Korean born mother have investigated claims by local rabbis that Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui, a local orthodox leader, may have counseled Kalmutz on how to hide in Israel's orthodox Lubavitch settlements.

     Detective Michael Sheetz said Palm Beach Gardens police have prepared arrest papers to charge Kalmutz with custody interference, a felony, if he returns to this country. Police have no plans to charge Ezagui with a crime, he said. Sheetz said his investigation shows that Kalmutz planned his Israel trip "thoroughly for several months" without his wife's knowledge.

     Oksun Kalmutz was left without money or shelter. She has been given temporary housing by Temple Beth Ezagul David of Palm Beach Gardens while trying to retrieve the children. The Kalmutz family worshiped together until two years ago at Temple Beth David, a conservative congregation. The husband then joined the orthodox Chabad House in West Palm Beach, according to Ezagui, its rabbi and director.

     Ezagui says he counseled Kalmutz as his rabbi. But Ezagui would not answer police questions about Israel or the whereabouts of the Kalmutz children Sheetz said.

     "People discuss a lot of things," Ezagui said of his talks with Kalmutz."I don't want to shed any light on our personal conversations." Other rabbis believe Ezagui educated Kalmutz about the Lubavitch, where congregants strictly adhere to orthodox teachings. Mrs. Kalmutz said her husband enrolled their son, Jonathan, into Ezagui's day school without her permission.

     But Rabbi David Goldstein of Temple Beth David said Kalmutz didn't adhere to a strict observance of the Sabbath as the Lubavitch requires. Goldstein doubts that Kalmutz was sincere in his interest in orthodox teachings. "Kalmutz seems to have been planning so he could hide in a Lubavitch," said Goldstein. "The Jewish community is outraged by what's happened here in the name of religion," said Rabbi Howard Shapiro of Temple Israel in West Palm Beach.

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