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A penny, a copper one-cent piece, doesn't buy much any more. But Americans still want the penny to remain in our monetary system. That's according to a poll taken for the Plus network of automated bank teller machines. 70 percent of those who responded to the poll said they wanted to keep the penny in circulation.

Israel Celebrates Rosh Hashanah

By Al Pessin (Jerusalem)

Israel observed the two-day Jewish New Year holiday, that started Monday evening, amid unprecedented high hopes for peace. But heightened security concerns and continuing activity by the opponents of peace on both sides still exist.

Israel buried the latest victim of violence on Monday -- just a few hours before sunset marked the beginning of the New Year holiday. The dead man is a 20-year-old Israeli army sergeant, the victim of a drive-by shooting Sunday on a road in the Gaza Palestinian Autonomous Zone. The militant group, Islamic Jihad, claimed responsibility.

A few hours earlier, two Jewish men were stabbed shortly after walking into Jerusalem's Old City. They are recovering from their wounds. Also on Sunday, an Israeli army officer appeared in court to answer charges that he helped Jewish militants get weapons.

Thousands of police officers and volunteers were posted throughout the country to help guard synagogues, parks and other places where people gathered.

In a New Year's message to Israeli soldiers, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin acknowledged that there is plenty of opposition to the peace process on both sides. And he expressed the hope that while the past year was one of official peace-making with the Palestinians and Jordan, the coming year will be one of true peace. Rabin noted that the last 12 months have been a year of official peace-making, and he departed from the traditional New Year greeting -- which would have been to wish soldiers a "sweet year" -- to instead wish them a year of true peace.

Jihad Terrorists Arrested by Palestinians

By Al Pessin (Jerusalem)

Palestinian authorities in Gaza arrested 21 activists of the militant group, Islamic Jihad, in connection with the killing of an Israeli soldier on Sunday.

Palestinian police moved against Islamic Jihad early Tuesday, picking up several of the group's leaders as well as other members.

Those arrested are suspected of involvement in the drive-by shooting death of an Israeli soldier in Gaza on Sunday. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack, which came just two days before the Jewish New Year holiday.

In a statement issued after the arrests, Islamic Jihad vowed to continue its fight against the Israel-Palestinian peace accord. The group said it is feeling the pressure of increased efforts by both Palestinian and Israeli police. But it said it will continue to use violence to fight the peace agreement, signed just under a year ago.

Israeli Government spokesman Uri Dromi called the arrests "a very good move" by the Palestinian authority.

Israel has threatened to delay the expansion of Palestinian autonomy unless the new authority in Gaza and Jericho moves to stop terrorism. But the Israeli spokesman said Israel recognizes the authority must balance the need to crack down on the terrorists of Islamic Jihad and another group called Hamas with the need to avoid starting a Palestinian civil war.

Dead Daddy Becomes a Mummy

By Cynthia Kirk (Washington)

Thousands of years ago, the bodies of Egyptian rulers and other Egyptians received special treatment after they died. The treatment was designed to keep their bodies from becoming dust as time passed. This natural process is called decay. The method of blocking the process is called mummification.

Recently, scientists in the United States began using the methods of the ancient Egyptians to try to prevent a human body from decaying. It is the first time modern scientists have attempted to mummify a human body, using the ancient methods. The experiment is being done in Baltimore. Ronald s. Wade, the head of the Anatomy Board of Maryland and Bob Brier, a professor from New York, are doing it.

The two men studied ancient records and writings about the mummification process, to find out how the Egyptians did it.

The person they chose was a white man who was 76 years old. He had died of a heart attack last year. His body was in good condition to be made into a mummy.

The scientists began by removing all of the organs, except for the heart. The Egyptians believed the heart was the body's most important organ.

The other organs were covered with a mixture of salt and baking soda, called Natron. The organs were put into special containers similar to those used in ancient Egypt. The containers were placed around the body to be used in what the Egyptians believed was the life after death.

Then, the researchers began the process of drying the body. They cleaned the inside of the body with wine and a sweet smelling substance called myrrh. Then, they placed bags of Natron covered in linen cloth into the body where the organs had been. They also cleaned out the man's skull with the wine and myrrh and placed a substance in the skull made from trees. Later, they moved the body to another building. There they placed it on a specially prepared wooden table and covered it with Natron.

Historical records say the Egyptians covered the body with cloth after 45 days. So at the end of 45 days, the body was covered with linen, the traditional covering for the mummy.

The researchers plan to keep the mummy for at least two years to see if the mummification process worked.

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