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A car has crashed into a house in Bellmawr, N.J. destroying the house but injuring no one. On Sunday, police chased the 1978 Cadillac for about 18 miles, at speeds of up to 100 mph. Police say the car missed a curve and hit the house, setting off a fire. They rescued the two adults and two children in the house. The Cadillac's driver also escaped injury.

Hizbullah's Mentor: America is Islam's Greater Enemy

By Georges Khoury, Mideast Newswire

Beirut: In his sermons to Muslim believers in a Beirut suburb, Hizbullah's mentor blasted the United States as "Islam's greater enemy." Sheikh Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah, spiritual leader of the Islamic fundamentalist movement in Lebanon, told his followers that "Our struggle as Muslims is against the West, and particularly America. It is a worldwide conflict between Islam and the forces of evil led by the United States." Fadlallah accused Washington of organizing a crusade against Muslim people worldwide.

King Hussein Calls for End of Arab Boycott

King Hussein of Jordan has called for an end to the Arab economic boycott of Israel. In an interview with the German news weekly Der Spiegel, Hussein said that he supports a common market in the Middle East and added that the boycott's time has past. Hussein said that peace with Israel is an inevitable process and added that Israel and Jordan may sign a formal peace treaty this year.

Hizbullah Mortar Attack on Northern Israel

Hizbullah claimed responsibility for a mortar attack on northern Israel Sunday, the first such attack from Lebanon in several years. IDF forces retaliated against the Hizbullah with artillery fire. The attack was in retaliation for a South Lebanese Army artillery attack in south Lebanon Saturday which injured several Lebanese civilians.

Israel is seeking to calm the situation between the SLA and the Hizbullah in order to avoid escalation. Head of the IDF's Northern Command Maj. General Yitzhak Mordechai said yesterday that "there is a war in south Lebanon and terrorists are trying to escalate the situation."

Peres Knocks and Praises Germany

By Evans Hays (Bonn)

Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres is in Germany for a two-day visit that include talks on the Middle East peace process and the issue of nuclear smuggling. Peres says he and his country are grateful that Germany has acted swiftly to help break the international trade in smuggled nuclear material. But he also says Israel is concerned about Germany's relations with Iran and its role in world terrorism.

Peres, opening his visit to bonn Monday, told a news conference the entire world should act together to make Iran learn that terrorism does not pay. His remarks have a special meaning in Germany, which has been criticized by some of its allies including the United States for pursuing closer economic and political ties with Iran.

Peres said Iran carries a major burden of guilt for world terrorism. And he said Israel would like to see the world community come together to tell Iran that it must stop financing violence.

Iran is considered by many western countries to be a main source of financial and political support for terrorist movements, many of whose attacks are aimed at Israel or Jews in other parts of the world.

For his part, German Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel said at the news conference that Germany in no way condones terrorism. But he said that does not mean Iran should be isolated or "pushed into a corner." Kinkel said a political dialogue with Iran is the correct approach.

On another topic, Peres praised Germany for its vigorous effort to stop the flow of illegal nuclear material that many countries believe is coming from Russia and other states of the former Soviet Union.

He told the news conference that regardless of the quality of the nuclear material -- whether it can be used to make nuclear bombs or not -- the smuggling of such material is still a great danger. He said Israel was grateful that Germany has taken a lead in trying to stop the smuggling.

German police in recent months have uncovered several attempts to smuggle weapons-grade nuclear material onto the black market.

Israel and PLO Resume Cairo Talks

By Laurie Kassman (Cairo)

The PLO and Israel have resumed negotiations on extending Palestinian self-rule to the rest of the West Bank. The talks have picked up again after a marathon meeting last week between Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and top PLO negotiator Nabil Shaath. They smoothed out the snags delaying the process.

Both sides are determined that this round of talks will nail down the details of expanding self-rule to the West Bank. Both sides expect the negotiations to be finished by tomorrow.

Last week, Peres and Shaath agreed to turn over control of education and cultural affairs to Palestinian authorities by the end of this month. Self-rule will also be extended in the areas of taxation, health, welfare and tourism. The two men also agreed to post a Palestinian liaison officer alongside Israeli guards at the external border crossings into Gaza and Jericho. Technical problems are holding up implementation of safe passage links between the two self-rule areas. The two points are part of the self-rule accord but have not yet been implemented.

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