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As you might expect, Ruby Brown was very surprised when she got a bill from her hospital in Saginaw, Mich. for labor and delivery room service. "I just about flipped my lid," she says. "The hospital wanted to charge me $173 for a baby I never had." Ruby Brown, you see, is 89 and the youngest of her three children is 60. The hospital admitted a computer had mistakenly included the new baby charges with a statement of fees for physical therapy she completed earlier this year.

Rabin and Arafat Meet at Erez Crossing

By Art Chimes (Israel-Gaza Border)

Israeli leader Yitzhak Rabin and Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat met in the Gaza Strip Wednesday. The summit was set up to discuss obstacles in the peace process but a news conference afterward was dominated by earlier controversial remarks by a senior PLO official.

The two leaders announced an accelerated schedule of meetings aimed at speeding up Palestinian self-rule. They promised to minimize their differences after their summit, which coincided with the release by Israel of eight Palestinian women held in Israeli jails.

Journalists focused on comments by the head of the PLO Political Department, Farouk Kaddoumi, who Tuesday made broadcast remarks widely interpreted as calling for the destruction of the State of Israel. Kaddoumi said no changes in the PNC Covenant will be changed until Israel signs a peace treaty with all the Arab countries.

Rabin warned that further such statements threaten to undermine the peace process, calling Kaddoumi's comments an obstacle in the ongoing negotiations. "Because if some high echelon person in the PLO could come up with such a statement ... It is a real problem and I do not want to deal with it publicly; but I said continuation of it will serve as obstacles on the road for what we are doing now."

Arafat said he is examining the controversial statement, which he emphasized represented Kaddoumi's own point of view. But when asked specifically whether Kaddoumi represents the PLO, Arafat declined to distance himself from the statement. "Not to forget, he is the foreign minister of the PLO."

Argentine Flip-Flopping Continues

By Roger Wilkison (Rio de Janeiro)

Argentine President Carlos Menem says Iran's ambassador in Buenos Aires should be either withdrawn or expelled. Menem made the remark after an Argentine judge concluded that four men he identified as Iranian diplomats were involved in the bombing last month of a Jewish community center.

Menem told a Buenos Aires radio station that he was speaking in what he called the heat of the moment. But he said a final decision on the fate of the Iranian ambassador rests with the Foreign Ministry.

Investigating Magistrate Juan Jose Galeano issued arrest warrants for the four Iranians he says were implicated in the July 18 bombing that killed at least 95 people. News media in Buenos Aires report that Judge Galeano based his case against the four on the testimony of an Iranian defector he questioned in Venezuela.

Iran has denied that it was involved in the bombing and has made an official protest to Argentina, calling the charges by the judge discourteous and baseless.

Argentine officials have said their country does not intend to break diplomatic relations with Iran because they fear retaliation by terrorists if they take such a step.

German Court Slaps Wrist of Holocaust Revisionist

By Dagmar Breitenbach (Bonn)

The German Government and Jewish community leaders are criticizing a German court for its handling of the case of a far-right party leader who denied the Holocaust ever took place.

A Mannheim regional court gave Guenter Deckert, head of the far-right National Democratic Party, a one-year suspended prison sentence, and the equivalent of a $6,000 fine after his conviction of incitement to racial hatred. The court excused deckert's denial of the Holocaust, saying he was defending his political conviction, which the court described as a "matter of the heart" for him.

The court said Deckert was strengthening the resistance of the German people to Jewish demands stemming from the Holocaust. The ruling prompted an uproar from government officials and the country's Jewish community.

Jewish leader Ignatz Bubis says the court's explanation has practically made anti-Semitism by neo-Nazis and extreme rightists socially acceptable. Justice Minster Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger called the justification a slap in the face for all victims of the Holocaust, and a shocking signal. What good are the most effective regulations to combat neo-Nazism, she said, if a German court calls the denial of the Holocaust a "matter of the heart."

The case arose from a 1991 lecture in Germany by US neo-Nazi activist Fred Leuchter. Leuchter insists Jews were never killed at death camps run by the Nazis. Deckert translated the lecture, and told the audience he agreed with Leuchter.

The regional court had previously convicted Deckert, and given him the same suspended sentence. But Germany's highest appeals court overturned the lower court verdict, saying the evidence presented at the time did not prove he was guilty of a crime. It instructed the regional court to reexamine the case to determine whether Deckert really subscribed to Nazi ideology. The court reached the conclusion that he did, and handed down the same sentence as before.

State prosecutors, which had called for a two-year prison sentence, say they will appeal the court's ruling.

Brief Faxx

Fatmeh Birnawi, the first female terrorist jailed after the Six Day War and sentenced to two life sentences for the bombing of a Jerusalem movie theater, was recently returned to Jericho by Yasir Arafat to head the Palestinian policewomen.

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