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Israeli Navy officers took part last week in joint naval exercises with officers from Qatar, Tunisia, Egypt, Italy, Canada and the United States. The exercises, which focused on search and rescue operations and safety procedures for avoiding naval accidents, took place in the Adriatic Sea near Venice, Italy.

Rabin and Hussein Meet with Clinton

By Deborah Tate (Washington)

President Clinton welcomes Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Jordan's King Hussein to the White House today. Although the Israeli and Jordanian leaders are not expected to sign a peace agreement during their White House visit, they are likely to reaffirm their commitment to ending the 46-year conflict between their two countries.

The Jordanian monarch and the Israeli prime minister are expected to sign a series of agreements pledging bilateral cooperation in several areas. But Clinton administration officials say the signing of a formal peace treaty between the two nations is not likely during this visit.

Clinton's meeting with Hussein and Rabin comes just days after US Secretary of State Warren Christopher met with Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and Jordanian Prime Minister Abdel Salam Majali. During those talks, the Israeli and Jordanian officials pledged to stay the course toward resolving the conflict between their two nations.

Later today, Clinton will join the prime minister and King Hussein for a working lunch, and then in the evening, host a formal dinner for them in the State Room of the White House.

On Tuesday, King Hussein and Prime Minister Rabin are to address a joint meeting of the Congress.

Israeli Medical Team Helping Rwandan Refugees

By Susan Sappir (Jerusalem)

Israel has joined the international effort to bring relief to Rwanda's refugees. Israel sent a medical aid team to Rwanda to help treat some the more than one-million refugees camped on the border with Zaire. The refugees are dying by the thousands from disease and starvation.

An Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman says six air force planes, carrying a field hospital, left late Sunday for Rwanda.

The 60-member Israeli relief team, including pediatric doctors, is headed by Environment Minister Yossi Sarid. Supplies sent with the team included UN specified medicines against cholera and other infectious epidemics.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman says the mission is to remain in Africa for several weeks. He stressed the effort is part of Israel's policy not to remain indifferent in the face of disasters elsewhere.

Last week, Israel sent a large rescue team to Argentina to assist in searching for survivors in the rubble of Buenos Aires' Jewish Community Center, that was devastated by a bomb Monday.

Argentineans Show Solidarity

By Dawn Makinson (Buenos Aires)

Some 50,000 people braved cold temperatures and rain to attend a rally for peace late last week in Buenos Aires. The rally follows the bombing of a Jewish center last Monday which killed at least 41 people. Marchers came to protest the bombing and asked for justice.

Subways bogged down, downtown shops closed and for a dozen city blocks all that could be seen were slow moving crowds and tens of thousands of umbrellas. They came, some tearful, most silent, to listen to community and religious leaders. Speakers, like Oscar Hackman of the Argentine Zionist Organization, said the explosion was an attack on all of Argentina.

There are a quarter of a million Jews living in Argentina, but the march drew from the non-Jewish community as well. Crowds applauded as Ruben Baraja, president of the Jewish community's political arm in Argentina, said a real show of support following the disaster would be to find those responsible.

There has been criticism inside and outside of Argentina over the investigation of a similar bombing against Israeli Embassy in 1992. That investigation proved inconclusive.

PLO Tries Brings Jerusalem to Forefront

By Art Chimes (Jerusalem)

Palestinian leaders have called on Israel to move the issue of Jerusalem up on the negotiating agenda. That is not something Israeli officials want to hear.

The top Palestinian leader in Jerusalem says Israel should begin immediate negotiations on the status of Jerusalem. Palestinian Minister-Without-Portfolio Faisal Husseini charged Israel would be in violation of its agreement with the PLO unless it agrees to start negotiations on the Jerusalem issue.

"If any believe that neglecting Jerusalem or considering that the file of Jerusalem is closed, it is such an idea [that] goes directly against and is completely contradictory to the peace agreement, and it is a violation of this peace agreement."

Husseini's comments came at a news conference at Orient House, the Palestinian headquarters in Arab East Jerusalem. The status of Orient House, which functions something like a Palestinian Foreign Ministry, has been deeply disturbing to opposition politicians in Israel. The government apparently agrees and is expected to propose new laws to ban the Palestinian government from operating in Israel, including in East Jerusalem.

Israel's position on the status of the city is that Jerusalem should remain Israel's undivided capital. Palestinians insist that Jerusalem -- or at least the city's Arab neighborhoods -- will be the capital of the Palestinian state they hope to establish. The two sides have agreed to negotiate the issue at a later stage in the peace process, and most analysts agree it will be one of the toughest issues on the agenda.

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