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August 26, 2016



Secret Files Allege Israel Armed Argentina During Falklands War

Israel Hayom


Israel sold weapons and equipment to Argentina at the height of the 1982 Falklands War, British media reported following the release of newly declassified U.K. Foreign Office files by the British National Archives.


The 10-week conflict between the U.K. and Argentina began on April 2, 1982 and focused on control of two British overseas territories in the South Atlantic, the Falkland Islands and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. It ended with an Argentine surrender on June 14, 1982, restoring the islands to British control. In total, 649 Argentine military personnel, 255 British military personnel, and three Falkland Islanders died during the hostilities.


According to The Telegraph, the secret files, dated Nov. 16, 1984, allege that Israeli military exports to Argentina prior to the war included Skyhawk jets, later used by Gen. Leopoldo Galtieri's military junta to bomb British warships, and that Israel continued its military exports to Argentina after the conflict ended.


The documents note that then-Foreign Secretary Sir Geoffrey Howe had personally asked the Israeli government to suspend arms sales to Argentina, especially the sale of spy planes reportedly designed to gather electronic and signals intelligence, but his request was ignored.


The declassified documents echo a 2011 book by Argentine journalist Hernan Dobry, titled "Operation Israel." The book claims Israel armed Galtieri's junta, sending weapons shipments to Buenos Aires via secret cargo flights routed through Peru.



Israel Dismisses UN's 'Unfounded' Claims



The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem reacted on Thursday evening to the demand by the UN’s Office of Legal Affairs that Israel release Waheed Al-Borsh, an UNDP worker who was arrested in July for assisting the Hamas terror organization.


In a letter sent earlier Thursday to Israel’s UN Ambassador Danny Danon, the UN claimed that Borsh should receive diplomatic immunity. "Israel rejects the argument raised by the United Nations, whereby a person who assists an internationally recognized terrorist organization such as Hamas enjoys immunity because of the very simple reason that those who support terror cannot hide behind the claim of immunity," the Foreign Ministry said.


The Foreign Ministry made clear that "during the past two weeks, the UN aid agency claimed that the contractor in questioned provided services to the organization and that they trust the Israeli authorities and their ability to reach the truth. Just yesterday a letter was suddenly received from the UN claiming immunity of the suspect. This is a new argument being reviewed by lawyers and appears unfounded.


“In any case, the immunity enjoyed by certain employees of UN agencies is related only to actions resulting from their carrying out of their duties. It is clear that immunity does grant anyone permission to carry out acts of terrorism. It is inconceivable that a man who helps a terrorist organization will enjoy immunity under the auspices of the United Nations,” the statement added.


In Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Press, Hillary Clinton is Invisible

By Israel Hayom and AFP


Hillary Clinton may become the president of Israel's most important ally, but her image is banished from a significant swath of the country's media: The ultra-Orthodox press whose deeply conservative readership chafes at images of women.


Clinton's nomination as Democratic candidate for the US presidency is casting light on a long-standing policy that has already applied to other female figures from Germany's Angela Merkel to Israel's own Prime Minister Golda Meir. But whereas the election is causing some discussion among US ultra-Orthodox media, their Israeli equivalents are digging in their heels. "For us there is no question. We will not publish pictures of women, period," said Meni Shwartz, editor of the ultra-Orthodox news site Behadrey Haredim.


About 11% of Israel's 8.5 million citizens are ultra-Orthodox. They often lead insular lives, separated from the more secular Jewish majority and closely adhering to Jewish laws. Ultra-Orthodox media, which include four daily newspapers, two main weeklies and two main websites, cater to conservative ideals that include preserving women's modesty and skipping topics involving drugs, murder and sex. Many consider showing pictures of women a violation of those values, however newsworthy the figure.


Yaakov Lustigman, foreign affairs reporter for the popular haredi newspaper Hamevaser, said his readers are fascinated by the U.S. elections and "we have no problem with there being a female president" -- but they do not want to see Clinton's photo or even read her first name.


Homodia, a veteran ultra-Orthodox paper, is the only current haredi daily that existed during the administration of Meir, Israel's only woman prime minister. A reporter there said that at the time, in the early 1970s, the newspaper did not publish her picture.


News website Kikar Hashabbat publishes demure photographs of Clinton and other female leaders, according to foreign affairs reporter Israel Cohen. "Hillary Clinton is in her 60s. She dresses modestly, and she's likely to be the next president," Cohen said. "You cannot ignore it." But it is the lone exception, and journalists at rival publications said they do not consider the site to be truly haredi because of its policy.


US ultra-Orthodox media have traditionally shied away from publishing women's photos as well. But the prospect of a Clinton presidency is stirring some debate. One newspaper recently broke a taboo by publishing a picture of Hillary Clinton's hand. Rabbi Yitzchok Frankfurter, editor of the weekly Ami Magazine in New York, said he would consider printing Clinton's photograph if rabbinical authorities allow it.


Sheldon Schorer, former chairman of Democrats Abroad Israel, derided the policy of excluding women's photos and said it put Clinton at a disadvantage. "I don't think the Jewish religion really requires that."



Maker of Modest Swimsuits: Burkini Ban is Great for Business



According to the latest tally, at least 30 French municipalities have banned the product that the Paris-born businesswoman Yardena G. sells for a living. Yardena, a haredi Orthodox mother of nine from Jerusalem, owns the Sea Secret fashion label of modest swimwear for devoutly religious women. And she regards the bans on full-body bathing suits for Muslim women, or burkinis, as “the best commercial ever for modest swimwear.”


In fact, Yardena said in an interview Thursday with JTA, she predicts the controversial bans will “end up boosting sales in a big way.” (Citing privacy issues, she asked that her last name not be mentioned in the article.) Yardena, who immigrated to Israel 14 years ago, sells various models of "full-body" swimsuits that leave little more than the hands and feet exposed.


The bans on the distinctive Muslim swimwear have ignited a polarizing debate in a divided France, which is struggling to balance freedom of worship with its attachment to other liberal values -- including the fight against radical Islam and the oppression of women.


Defended by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls as a countermeasure against “a political project … to perpetuate female servitude,” the burkini ban and its enforcement have angered millions of Frenchmen who regard it as a gross infringement into the private realm and unwarranted discrimination toward Muslims.


It also dismayed Yardena, 45, who started her line of modest swimwear with a female business partner "to empower women" who adhere to religious laws, common to Muslims and Jews, that demand women cover up to various degrees. “It’s like someone turned the world on its head in France,” she said. “Instead of promoting modesty and good measures like leaders and figures of authority ought to, they’re telling women to take it off. I don’t understand what’s happened, but I do know that as a person who keeps modest clothing, such measures will do nothing to discourage other women like me.”


Sea Secret’s dozen or so sales agents in France have reported to Yardena that French Jewish women, who constitute the lion’s share of the firm’s clientele, are worried they may be affected by the ban. “It’s creating a problem for Jewish women because it’s poisoning the atmosphere for everyone – Muslims, Christians and anyone who doesn’t want a police officer making wardrobe decisions for them,” Yardena said.


Some suits in the Sea Secret line could be classified as a burkini, she said. Yardena noted one model featuring an elastic shawl that can be used both as a hijab and a traditional head cover of the sort favored by haredi and modern Orthodox women.


One of several Jewish-owned businesses offering modest swimwear for women, Sea Secret does have some Muslim clients. But many Muslim women refrain from buying its products because it is known to be Jewish-owned and Israel based. “They perceive it as political,” Yardena said.


The mainstream representative organs of French Jewry, which are normally quick to offer their take on current affairs -- especially on religious issues -- have remained conspicuously silent on this issue even as the Board of Deputies of British Jews complained Wednesday about reports of “police harassment” of Muslim swimmers in Nice. It was an unusual move for the board, which rarely comments on foreign issues without consulting the relevant Jewish communities.


A senior rabbi, Moshe Sebbag of the Grand Synagogue of Paris, acknowledged in an interview with JTA on Tuesday the reluctance of other French Jewish leaders to speak out on the issue. “It’s a complicated subject and both sides have compelling arguments,” Sebbag said, adding that the French state is a “secular country with freedom of religion.”


But Sebbag ultimately defended the bans, whose supporters, he said, “understand today there’s a religious war, a takeover of the secular establishment of the French republic, and this is what they find unacceptable.” Asked if he agrees with the burkini bans, he said: “Yes, because you see that going with it [a burkini] is not innocent, it’s sending a message.”



 Russian TV Runs Documentary Claiming Jewish Conspiracy in Titanic's Sinking



A privately owned Russian television channel has rerun a documentary from 2012 that claimed the Titanic was sunk partly due to a conspiracy by Jews. REN-TV aired the anti-Semitic documentary last month, according to the Coordination Forum for Countering anti-Semitism.


The documentary suggested a “group of 300” Jews, freemasons and “illluminati” had sunk the ship in 1912 to provoke an international crisis and install themselves as leaders of a world government, a central theme of anti-Semitism conspiracy theories.


The 2012 version of the documentary used the past tense, suggesting that the attempt was in the past and ultimately unsuccessful. However, REN-TV’s airing was edited to use the present tense, as well as to link the conspiracy to more recent events, including the Chernobyl disaster, 9/11 and the collapse of the Soviet Union.


The Federation of Jewish Communities in Russia has already expressed concern about what the rise of such ideas in Russia could mean for the Jewish community.



Palestinian-Saudi Team Invents 'Smart' Solar Umbrella for Mecca Pilgrimage

By The Media Line & YnetNews


Palestinian consultant Manal Dandis and Saudi Arabian researcher and environmental engineer Kamel Badawi have teamed up to create a new “smart” umbrella, aimed to make the Muslim population's Hajj (traditional pilgrimage) to Mecca a little more comfortable. This year, the Hajj is slated for September 9.


The solar-powered umbrella, called a Kafya, is equipped with solar energy strips to power the attached USB ports, fan, flashlight and GPS system, which could help them combat the extreme heat common to Mecca, with the GPS system aiding them in locating friends and family. When folded, the umbrella could even be used as a cane.


“We started our idea from the Hajj,” said Dandis. “My partner was a volunteer with the Hajj for 40 years and he knows exactly what the Hajj needs. In Mecca, there are no adapters for electricity and there are three or four million people who need to charge their mobile phones.”


Because temperatures can range from 86 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit, pilgrims often use umbrellas as protection from the sun while performing the Hajj. “Many people suffer from medical issues while on the Hajj and the most common medical conditions due to communicative diseases and overcrowding are influenza, overheat, and burning tents,” Abdulaziz Al Mudaiheem of the King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences said in an email.


The Hajj, which is a holy pilgrimage to Mecca and considered to be one of the five pillars of Islam, is the biggest annual gathering of people in the world. Last year, approximately two million Muslims performed the Hajj.


Unfortunately, though for the next 10 years the Hajj will take place between June and September—notably the hottest months in Saudi Arabia—don’t expect the umbrella to be ready for the upcoming Hajj. Dandis and Badawi are currently crowd funding to supply what they hope will be a large demand for their product. They plan on manufacturing at least a million umbrellas in the Middle East, with Dandis promising to offer the product at a modest price.


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Why Jews don't believe that Jesus is the Messiah


By Frances Bernay-Cohen

I can't speak for you, but my grandparents came to the United States to find a refuge from "change." They came to The United States where their basic freedoms were guaranteed by the Constitution; where they could build a future on this solid ground.

Whether our forefathers and forI'm sure you will find some truth in this song.






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Air France flew from the U.S. to Israel during the early 1950s. They flew Lockheed Constellations and the flying time was 20 hours.

This promotional film - in English for an American audience - shows Israel as it was three years after the War of Independence .

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 Paradise Regained, Paradise Lost

By Don Canaan (Commentary)

This year marked the 34th anniversary of the return of the Sinai by Israel to Egypt--a day of mourning by many of the 2,000 settlers who settled and later were forcibly evacuated by Israeli authorities under the command of Ariel Sharon, from the seaside city of Yamit on the Mediterranean.

Yamit was former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan's dream--a projected seaport and city of 250,000 founded on the Sinai sand dunes overlooking date palm trees and the blue Mediterranean--a populated buffer between the Gaza Strip and Egypt on the other side of the Suez Canal.

Some alternate historians say Moses and the children of Israel passed near the site of Yamit 3,500 years ago as they wandered for 40 years through the Sinai Desert on their way to the proverbial land of milk and honey.

Since April 25, 1982 only the whine of the desert wind weaves its currents through the crevices of destroyed homes, businesses and monument--a memorial to the young men who died during the 1967 Six Day war.

Christians, Jews and Muslims died during three Arab-Israeli wars and battles that took place in the Sinai in 1956, 1967 and 1973--Egyptian and Israeli--young people who fought and died in that desolate, forsaken desert wasteland.

The modern-day chariot carrying Egyptian President Mohammed Anwar al-Sadat hugged the intermittently green coastline of Sinai on its historic mission to Jerusalem. Israelis glancing upward into the clear night sky saw merely a jet banking gently to the northwest.

Official Israeli government policy was that the settlers had to be removed and the army came and forcibly removed the remaining diehard residents. The Jerusalem Post described the scene: Apocalypse had arrived in Yamit and in the dust and noise and destruction one could wander freely. Dozens of bulldozers and giant mobile air hammers were loose in the city like a pack of predatory beasts."

April 25, 20011 marked the 29th anniversary of Israel's withdrawal from Yamit and Sinai and a cold peace between long-term enemies.

That gift of peace silently glided overhead as the Sabbath disappeared and the stars appeared. At 8:01 p.m. Sadat's jetliner landed at Ben-Gurion Airport and the first minutes of a then potential peace came to the Middle East.

Old enemies became new friends. The crowds roared its approval when Sadat shook hands with Moshe Dayan. A person standing nearby, according to the Jerusalem Post, said Sadat told Dayan, "Don't worry Moshe, it will be all right."

The peace treaty between the two nations was signed on March 26, 1979 and on April 25, 1982; the events that had started on a November day at Camp David came to fruition. Sinai was returned to Egypt. Yamit was bulldozed to the ground. But Anwar Sadat did not live to see that day. He had been assassinated seven months before.



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